NEW - Roku Preview Update (2.0.15)

Happy Friday everyone!

There is a new and neato update to the Tablo preview channel which includes:

  • Guide screen, featuring all 14 days of your Tablo’s guide data
  • Bulk delete
  • Overall performance improvements
  • Improved device discovery
  • Various background tweaks that will enable us to make this channel version public soon

For those of you who have been waiting on trying out the preview channel, you should really check it out! The new screens will add MOST of the functionality that you need to use on a daily basis but we do plan to add even MORE sorting screens in another update coming soon.

For those of you concerned about the pending switch of the preview channel into public, you will still have access to the current public version of the Roku channel until we are no longer able to support it.

If you have any feedback on this update, please let us know below or pop a note over to the support team.

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Just picked it up a few minutes ago… Looks like a major update with lots of new features. It also fixed one of the problems I had, where recorded content under a thumbnail was all deleted, but the thumbnail remained. I was able to delete it again, even tho it didn’t show, and the thumbnail disappeared.

I’m still digesting the new features, but it looks really good.

You are correct! It’s actually an amalgamation of TWO releases that have been in beta for a while, not just one. Updated the notes to reflect this :slight_smile:

But yes, there’s even more cool stuff on the way.

While a 2 week guide is good for some, I only fine sports, movies, TV Shows by channels useful. Many of my highly used channels have the same shows playing in both prime time and off hours. I search the TV Shows by channel list to identify those shows and schedule them to record in off hours.

@zippy - We’ll be adding sports & movies in another update coming soon.

Still have no recordings available on Roku 3 after build 15 update. 2.2.6 seemed to ruin it. I can watch on my phone, so it still apears to be recording, just not showing up on Roku 3. Just says No recordings, You can schedule recordings from the guide screen. Please tell me there is a fix coming. I have 2 support tickets open, one from 2.2.6 build 11 where problems began yestrerday morning. And another from today that build 15 didnt fix.

I guess I’ll be fat, dumb, and happy on 2.2.2 firmware and the original roku app until the software feels better.

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I think I am one of the strange ones who will miss the old app I like the speed and one click of being able to just see what is on right now and choosing which channel to watch. I have not tried this new update yet so I hope it has improved in speed and time between the many button presses to watch and change channels. And maybe a recommendation I would like to make would be to add a fast live tv and a guide live tv as separate views for the new roku app. I like the ability to go back and forth now between the apps on what I would like to do. Watch live tv i want it fast. Look though what will come on and setup recordings I dont do as much on the roku but it is very nice to have.

So if I was already using the preview app, how do I get the updated version?

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Just forced this update on a Roku 3 (build 6.2 3672) and also selected the fast live tv startup option to test that out. It’s looking and working great here! A couple of highlights/notes:

  1. Almost instantaneous loading of recorded show listing/tiles and practically instantaneous playback start up. (love this!)
  2. No buffering on Live TV even with fast live tv startup enabled on 1080p 8mbps setting
  3. Still took 25 seconds to start live tv stream (don’t like this)
  4. On the Live TV grid, I for one would appreciate having the grid start as high on the screen as possible to allow for as many possible lines/channels to show and minimize scrolling. Maybe remove the artwork and any image but keep the description with the larger font.
  5. When watching Live TV or a recorded show and we press the OK button we see the show info (which is great) but not the current time. Can that be added?
  6. On the new Guide, man that’s a ton of stuff for a Roku to handle. Big delay in loading the tiles as I scroll and since I have 21 channels there are A LOT of shows. Probably not something I’ll use very often on Roku.

@TabloTV Thanks for getting this update out!

Any idea when the Help on FireTV beta will be on Roku Preview Beta? It tells the shortcuts such as pressing play on a show instead of ok and having to press ok a second time.

While in chat with Roku support I told them I wanted to reprogram a useless button to Tablo. They said no way to do so. A Tablo button on the Roku remote would be better than Sling button as far as I’m concerned.

I thought I read that Roku sold those buttons and therefore can’t/won’t allow any customization.

That’s correct.

And they must have them locked down pretty good as I’m surprised there hasn’t been a hack exposed.

There’s not even documentation on the developer side about these.

Hacking the remote itself is likely next to impossible, as you wouldn’t have an easy way to get into stored software on the remote.

However, those with high end universal remotes (IE Harmony) have been able to not only duplicate the IR code needed for those direct access already published on various remotes, but some report they have found others (ie, direct single press to a channel not yet featured on any existing Roku remote). Likely created by Roku in anticipation (or wishful thinking) of selling a button to a client / vendor at some point.

Still though, it wasn’t that they could program direct access to ANY channel, they just uncovered some that had not been published yet and last I read a few weeks ago, it was only good for I.R. remotes and universal ones at that. Nothing to help those of us wishing to stick with the factory Roku WiFi remotes.

I am no hacker or even a programmer (took a class on Visual Basic and COBOL many years ago and figured out it was NOT for me) but I guess it might be possible to hack the Roku software itself and simply point the incoming signal that was supposed to load “sling” for example, to load something else, but as often as Roku updates their software, it probably wouldn’t be worth the effort of a programmer to attempt as they would have to continually re-hack and update their version…

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Any chance of a settings option?

We will be adding some settings in Roku. It’ll never be as fully featured as some of the other apps due to the nature of how Roku works, but we will add some critical bits & pieces like disk space in future updates.