New Roku Live Preview Update - Faster Grid Guide & More


  1. I have Roku 2XS, model 3100 I believe
  2. Roku is wireless
  3. Tablo is wireless

At first I thought that maybe having roku and tablo right next to each other was the problem, so I separated them by about 5 feet and that didn’t see to make a difference.

Thanks for the play tip. That works!

Up was closing the app, not sure what happened. Tested again this morning. When watching live tv, it bring up the “Watch” or “record” menu.

The left/Right should be something different. I already have rewind and fast forward buttons.

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Is a MiniGuide in the Works? Would Love to see a 2-3 row mini guide while watching a show. That would be my #1 request for Roku.

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I have provided support with all the details (Model numbers, S/W revisions and builds, etc.) Support did extract log files from my Tablo as well. Just heard from them this morning, and it sounds like they understand what’s going on, and hopefully we’ll be seeing a fix soon. I’d be surprised if I’m the only one experiencing this.

On those occasions when I’m able to connect with the one Roku that sometimes works with the preview channel, I’ve played around with it and like I it a lot. The live program grid and even recorded program icons are more usable now that things are loading faster. I can still use the original Roku app on my other Roku devices in the meantime. There is a lot of potential here with Tablo, and I’m looking forward to the preview channel eventually supporting all the additional features.

I’m about to “cut the cord” on DirecTV, which I’ve had for almost 20 years now, and eventually, I’ll describe my experience as a first time cord cutter elsewhere on the message board.

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I feel like I need to show some appreciation, the latest updates: v2.0 build 6 for the Roku and .30 for the Tablo are much improved… Thank You!!! :smiley:

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Thanks @mastewman! We come to HQ every day to work on making Tablo more awesome for all of you. It’s nice to hear you’re enjoying the improvements.


i had sent a support ticket about multiple problems which they did call me back to clarify, but one of the problems is that the new channel on the roku says no tablo on network so i deleted and reloaded but it still says no tablo on network, but the old channel works fine


Are you using any funky settings on your router? Maybe a VPN?

I have this problem connecting with the Roku preview channel as well, and reported the details to the support folks. They’ve also looked at my Tablo’s log files.

I have 3 different vintages of Roku, and only one can sometimes connect with the new preview app… the original app works fine on all my Rokus. Once the one Roku connects, it works perfectly, allowing me to look at live TV or to watch recorded programs. However, if I exit, it may take repeated attempts to reconnect and find the Tablo.

Support tells me that they believe they understand what’s going on with the new Roku app, so I’m hoping that the next update will have this problem taken care of.

Well I did what user86 suggested restart router then tablo then roku but still no tablo on network. It did work when they first had the preview channel don’t know whats up. I did change my channel on the router I wonder if that would have anything to do with it. Oh well the other channel works mostly great. Thanks for the response.

That would be a good thing to find out, Can you easily change the channel back and see if it connects then?

much better than the standard Roku channel. I just got my Tablo last week. My wife & I are full fledged cord cutters now! Thank you! From the LiveTV channel list, we find it a little slow to have to press “OK” twice to simply watch the channel. Is there potential for maybe assigning the * (asterisk) button for scheduling?

From the grid, just push “play” button once instead of ok twice. It will save wear and tear on your thumb


We’re actually going to be doing a blog post soon on all of the remote functions for Roku, Fire TV & Android TV as well as tips & tricks for moving through things quickly :slight_smile:


Thanks, @TabloTV! Some of the things I’d like to see for the Roku App:

  • The ability to call up the Grid (maybe a half-screen view?) while watching Live TV to see what else is on without having to navigate away from the live show in question.

  • Ability to channel surf – using the “Up” and “Down” buttons on the Roku Remote while watching Live TV to advance to the next channel.

Any chance any of those might be coming?

I’d share the feedback on the Beta Forum (as I’m a Beta Tester!) but my account doesn’t seem to yet have access to that forum. :slight_smile: Running firmware 2.2.3 here!


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@Kaelon - I’ve added access to the beta area for you.

Both of your suggestions have been brought forward before and are things we’d like to do. We are bounded though by the behavior of the Roku itself so it’s unclear at this point whether this will be possible. It will require additional investigation.



I REALLY miss the video frames that used to be displayed when fast forwarding a recording.

Did I miss an obvious way to reenable them?

They are there and created only after a show has been recorded. If you are not seeing them it could be issues with the video. Open a ticket to support to investigate.

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Thanks, @TabloTV! Do you know if the background loading / background sync of the Grid is something that is going to be possible on the Roku App?

The Roku syncs on demand, thus the background feature makes no sense for it. The background sync is to allow sync’ing while continue to use the interface.