New Roku Live Preview Update - Faster Grid Guide & More

We’ve rolled out an update to the Live Preview Roku channel which includes the following:

  • Performance improvements for the Live TV grid guide
  • Performance improvements for channel navigation, especially on Roku 2
  • Several small UI improvements throughout

To get the update, go to your Roku and navigate to the System Settings screen and check for updates. Your Roku will receive notice on the Tablo Preview channel of software ‘2.0 - build 6’.

If you don’t yet have the preview channel installed, you can do so from this link:

If you have any any feedback you’d like to share with us let us know below.

This is just the first of many updates we have planned for the Live Preview channel on Roku so stay tuned for more cool stuff!


@TabloTV, when exactly was this update rolled out? I added the private channel last night, around 7pm MST and updated Roku. Do I need to run the update process again?

Literally five seconds before I posted this :slight_smile:

You don’t need to re-add the channel. Just do as suggested and go to System Settings on your Roku and check for updates.

Cool, easy enough. Thank you!

I do notice the speed difference loading the live tv guide.

WhoooooHoooo! Can’t wait to check this out when I get home. :+1:

Just updated - looks great! Noticeably quicker.

I like the new ‘end of list’ double tone. Working great overall on Roku 3. Keep the great updates coming!! And THANK YOU for the recent ones too!!

Very nice - Live TV guide loads quicker here too.

Roku 3 hard wired to router. Tablo hard wired.

Awesome! Cannot wait to get home and check this out. I know there’s a lot of complaints about the speed of releases, but I thing you guys are doing an amazing job! Keep it up, you’re earning my lifetime money (which you’ll get from me in a couple weeks when my trial expires :slight_smile: ).



Still having difficulty connection to Tablo with the updated Roku preview channel. I have 4 Roku devices, of three different vintages and software builds (details provided to support) and a 4-tuner Tablo. Interestingly, the original Roku app has always worked perfectly, but with the new preview channel, 3 of my Roku devices are unable to connect to Tablo, while the other Roku connects only after repeated attempts.

The good news is that when I finally managed to connect to Tablo using the updated Roku preview channel, loading of the program grid, as well as recorded programs was noticeably much faster. I’m hoping that the Tablo folks can figure out why I’m having such difficulty connecting with the new preview channel. It’s like the software designer(s) of the new preview channel never talked with the software designer(s) of the original Roku app. I understand that the new channel is a rewrite of the code, but the designer(s) might want to take a look at the old code to see what the differences are.

Hi! So I got the update, I like the speed increases. I have a few suggestions about the current remote control.

Current Up/Down: Up closes the app, Is that a bug?. Down does nothing.
Proposed Up/Down: This should tune channels if I don’t want to use the guide.

Current Right/Left: Does nothing if I remember correctly.
Proposed Right/Left: Left should brinag up recordings. Right should bring up the guide.

Currently, the only way to get to the guide when I’m watching a Live Show is to press the back button, TWICE. The proposed changes above will help bring up the guide faster.

Not sure how to solve this but it would be great to Select a channel from the guide and go directly to tuning the channel. I don’t like having to press the “watch” button

Press play instead of OK to watch a channel. That eliminates double pressing OK as well as double back to get the guide.

Up should bring you back to the guide, not close the app.

Current left/right directional is rewind/fast forward.

It seems pretty good as is, but that’s just my opinion. Only suggestion I would have as far as the remote goes is maybe down could be utilized as a previous channel button or something, but idk if that could even be an option.



KyleR is right, when live TV is playing the arrow buttons do have functions.

My Roku didn’t find the update, so I ended up removing the preview channel and re-adding it. Navigational speed is a bit better indeed. However, I’m still not too happy about the time it takes to tune to each channel. I haven’t timed it exactly, but I’d say that it takes roughly 10-15 seconds for the channel to start playing on the iPad and android phone, where as on Roku it takes about 45 seconds. Plus the playback stutters for a few more seconds afterwards.


  1. 45 seconds to tune a channel on the Roku is not normal behaviour. Open a Support Ticket with Tablo so they can see what’s going on.
  2. Which Roku model number do you have?
  3. Is your Roku wired or wireless to your router?
  4. Is your Tablo wired to your router?

We were talking about seeing if we could have star be ‘last channel’ the other day. You must have been hiding under the boardroom table.


Have you placed a ticket with support about this?