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Not sure you understand what I’m asking. Almost every other recording device that has the ability to alter start and end times, allows you to do so in both directions. I would think it’s a fairly simple modification as well and honestly, kind of surprised that it didn’t come up during testing.

So you are saying that without using manual recording such products as Google Live Channels, Tivo, Plex, etc, can access the OTA program data via the EPG guide data and adjust the recording start time forward and end time backward?

It’s actually irrelevant whether other products have the ability to modify start and end times in either direction. A need has been identified and a use case for that feature presented. That should be sufficient to request the new feature be implemented for Tablo.

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I wouldn’t necessarily disagree but with the limited resources all businesses have it might help prioritize it among all the other features that have been requested. Certain features might be deemed higher priority if they are needed to be competitive with an existing product vs an enhancement that would effectively be new functionality not available anywhere else. Just trying to provide a balanced view of the request.

Has tablo reached feature/functionality with it’s main competitors? If not maybe it needs to match their competition’s current features list before it launches into new features.

“Almost every other recording device that has the ability to alter start and end times, allows you to do so in both directions.”

If the someone claims that various products (“every other”) have this feature it would seem that it would be easy to provide a link to a user manual that explains how this feature is externalized via a UI.

Wow… it’s actually a very simple request and now there has to be a user manual supplied? Is it really that difficult to understand that where today you can adjust the start time to begin 2-10 mins early that the feature be expanded to allow for the start time to begin 2-10 mins later? It’s a selection that adds or subtracts time from the beginning and end of a recording. We’re not trying to land on Mars here.

Just turn this

Into this

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Well, did it myself… kind of a pain to do every time, but it looks like it works. Just manually added <option value="120">2 mins late</option> after using chrome’s inspect function and saved. It removed the conflict and assuming the Tablo functions as I would expect (adds the 120 seconds), it should work.


I don’t think you understand. This might be such a wonderful feature, that is available in other products, that I might just want to switch products.

But before I do I might want to investigate how it’s actually implemented and externalized on said product.

Now which products have this feature? I’d like to do some further investigation.

Maybe in the mean time Nuvyyo R&D can work on Remote Connect.

It’ll be interesting to see of Tablo understands the new option(s) … If it works, then Tablo firmware is already set up to accommodate this feature, and implementing it is merely a browser tweak they can push out at any time.

It works… I modified the html myself and saved the updated recording times. As intended, the recording started 2 minutes later than scheduled and avoided the conflict. So the new options could be added in 2 minutes… if they type slow. :slight_smile:


Nice work! Hopefully, @TabloSupport can pass this along to the engineering team for a future browser update.

When I was on Verizon before they were sold to Frontier, competing networks would schedule shows to start several minutes before the top of the hour or running a few minutes past the hour and these times would show up in the grid. This would cause conflicts when the overlap was only a few minutes.

Their DVR had early & late start and stop times. Early and late start times were a matter of minutes. Early stop times were a matter of minutes while stop times could be a few minutes to several hours late. You could adjust the start and stop times on a conflict screen to resolve the conflicts and allow programs overlapping by minutes to be recorded.

I have not had this problem with Tablo but I think the overlapping times are handled by the providers of the Guide and rounded to the hour. On the Tablo, I do have some shows where I miss a few seconds of the start of a show. I don’t have an issue with rounding the time to the hour or half hour. Having those minute start and stop times in the grid caused weekly work to resove conflicts and not miss a recording. These few missing seconds of a show that started early are rarely important. I appeciate the new option to extend the stop time to allow for time shifting for live events that can force some shows to start up to several hours later. If a more precise timing is necessary then I think we can schedule recordings manually.

Just used the html chrome inspect solution today to fix a conflict with a 1 min overlap between two shows on different channels. One show from 7:00-8:01 and other was 8:00-9:00 . I can easily sacrifice the last min on the first show and conflict resolved. Thanks so much for sharing this!

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And this is why I knew I needed the 4 tuner board. Networks are always doing this. It would be nice if they offered another conflict resolution option. Something like start the recording late if a conflict occurs of <= 2 minutes.

That HTML hack is beautiful!

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Thanks for the tip! Just to add, this works to cut time from the end as well. Use a negative value to reduce the overall recording time - ending sooner than scheduled. Edit the stop value <option value="-300">5 mins early</option> for example. I cut one 15 minutes for testing, to make it obvious, and the 30 min show was only ~16 min long.

Even though it’s probably not something often used, there are times I’d just as well cut a few minutes off the end. Really, why they couldn’t have a custom option either way.


I didn’t realize inspect element let me make that change live. Once settings are saved the Tablo reports 89 seconds as 1 minute late and 90 as 2 minutes late. I suspect the actual time in seconds might be used but isn’t properly reflected in the interface. I’m using this to skip part of the news. They spend the first 90-115 seconds telling us what they are going to tell us. There hasn’t been a lot of good news so I should save myself the time and annoyance by having the Tablo start the half hour news program a half hour late. :wink: It would be great if Tablo could do a politics autoskip.

Maybe that will be our ‘April feature’ :smiley:


It’s been awhile since I’ve made these simple adjustments - tablo won’t implement. If I recall, the HTML edits are dynamic. As soon as the page refreshes it go back to “what it knows”. I do believe that the time is saved with the recordings, but the UI has no option to display other than the second one (for example).

It worked the way I want. It skipped the whole intro and started exactly where I expected it to today. Yesterday I still got part of the intro but that was expected to happen occasionally. The intro changes slightly from one night to the next. I set it for the shortest mean intro. I figured I can tweak the settings later in either direction to fine tune it.

Having done some programming myself I’m not surprised they round the number shown on the display. I’ve had to do that in a few programs to make things look right.

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I hope ‘April feature’ wasn’t a Fools’ Day joke :black_joker: and you’re still working on this -seriously!! This is more crucial than ever in our current environment!! For those in a state labeled as battleground or swing :us: it’s misery.

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