New Recording Features

I didn’t realize inspect element let me make that change live. Once settings are saved the Tablo reports 89 seconds as 1 minute late and 90 as 2 minutes late. I suspect the actual time in seconds might be used but isn’t properly reflected in the interface. I’m using this to skip part of the news. They spend the first 90-115 seconds telling us what they are going to tell us. There hasn’t been a lot of good news so I should save myself the time and annoyance by having the Tablo start the half hour news program a half hour late. :wink: It would be great if Tablo could do a politics autoskip.

Maybe that will be our ‘April feature’ :smiley:


It’s been awhile since I’ve made these simple adjustments - tablo won’t implement. If I recall, the HTML edits are dynamic. As soon as the page refreshes it go back to “what it knows”. I do believe that the time is saved with the recordings, but the UI has no option to display other than the second one (for example).

It worked the way I want. It skipped the whole intro and started exactly where I expected it to today. Yesterday I still got part of the intro but that was expected to happen occasionally. The intro changes slightly from one night to the next. I set it for the shortest mean intro. I figured I can tweak the settings later in either direction to fine tune it.

Having done some programming myself I’m not surprised they round the number shown on the display. I’ve had to do that in a few programs to make things look right.

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I hope ‘April feature’ wasn’t a Fools’ Day joke :black_joker: and you’re still working on this -seriously!! This is more crucial than ever in our current environment!! For those in a state labeled as battleground or swing :us: it’s misery.

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