New phone Tablo connect problem

I have never had a problem with Tablo connect until last week when I got a new iPhone 8 plus and changed to the t-mobile network. My phone software (2.2.16) finds my Tablo but will not connect to any particular station. Would it be the phone, t-mobile, software or me? Thanks.

Does all video fail on the app - including recordings? Do you have the same issues on your local network?

Connect and recordings works fine on both my WiFi network and other WiFi networks. Both fail when only on the t-mobile data network. Even with a very strong signal (ie lots of bars). When on data only, I am able to get to my recordings and station guide. However, when I select either a recording or a station from the guide, the screen shows loading then switches to another screen that says loading with “done” in upper left corner. This is how it remains. (Loading) Thanks for looking into this.

Sounds like the same problem many other T-Mobile users have experienced. See this thread: Can’t stream over T-Mobile One Plus Unlimited Plan

I myself have exactly the same problem as you, but have no troubles streaming tablo video on wifi or any other video service from netflix, amazon, etc. on T-mobile.