NEW Maintenance Firmware Release - 2.1.20

A new maintenance firmware release is available for Tablo which includes some minor but helpful fixes to make your Tablo viewing experience better. 

• Sync improvements for Android tablets
- Some Android tablets were experiencing issues during the synch process. This should now be resolved. 
• NEW - Toggle switch within settings for Fast Live TV Startup (setting available through only)
- Have you experienced increased buffering with live TV since the last firmware update? If so, you may wish to navigate to the settings screen in the web app and deselect the checkbox for ‘Fast Live TV Startup’. This will tell your Tablo to send Live TV segments in the same way as releases prior to 2.1.18 while still enabling you to access other newer features. 
- While this setting option is only available via the web app, it will affect how live TV segments are delivered from your Tablo to all viewing platforms. 

• Improved support for Closed Captioning (available on iPad and Roku)
- This marks the final step in our beta test of closed captioning. This service should now be working for all channels via iPad and Roku. 
- If you experience any issues with closed captioning moving forward, please notify Tablo Support so we can investigate. Once we are satisfied it is working as expected for all customers, closed captioning will be moved to a fully supported feature via these interfaces. 
• Other small fixes and reliability improvements. 

Check out the Tablo Knowledge Base for tips and tricks on successful firmware updates.

We hope you like this update! 

If you have any feedback (especially on closed captioning and the live TV toggle switch), please let us know by posting in the thread or placing a ticket with @TabloSupport.  

Do you need to upgrade to 2.1.18 before it will prompt you for an update to 2.1.20 ?
I am on 2.1.16 and it is still asking me to upgrade to 2.1.18…

@lowbee You can skip the .18 release - your Tablo just needs to ‘see’ the .20 update. It checks for a new update every few hours. You can speed this up just by rebooting your Tablo. When you get a prompt (after it’s back online) it should be for the .20 update.

I installed 2.1.20, deselected the “fast live TV startup”…and no buffering instances thus far. Looking good. Thanks! 

Glad to hear it @DaFury

I just applied the .20 release remotely (because I can), and I think it has changed the way Live TV is being displayed through the Android web app.

When I view Live TV on the phone, the picture appears letterboxed and the aspect ratio is messed up.  If I record the show and watch it “later”, the picture is full-screened and everything looks good.  Some screenshots below (and don’t ask about the show - it’s daytime TV, people).  I don’t recall this behaviour previously…does anyone else see this?

I’m not seeing an update?

never mind the button just started working

Are there any plans in the future for parental controls or children access, where it will only display specific rated shows and not allow access to delete shows. This way when I connect this to my daughter’s Roku I wouldn’t have to worry about them deleting shows or viewing inappropriate content. Also, are there any plans for the roku apps live TV to be displayed like it is on the android app?

The closed captions on my Roku (2 XS) are blinking. There seems to be something wrong with the duration of each caption (i.e. not long enough). The problem seems more pronounced on live-news type shows.

However, the gibberish issue sure seems to be fixed, so thank you for that. B-)

wow i can’t watch it on my cell phone without constant buffering? what happened with this update? i was able to watch last night but after the update it is terrible. i tried a recording too and it’s as bad as live tv. help

After this update I am getting a message that:  Your hard drive “TOSHIBA External USB 3.0 0 (2000 GB)” needs to be formatted before it can be used for recordings. This will erase all of its contents.  Is this expected?

@Kib, I have both the 2-tuner and 4-tuner models and the update went smoothly.  I tested existing recordings, etc., and did not have any issues.  I did not need to reformat either hard drives.

I hope that it will help to get my Roku 2 to run.

Very smooth update for me…

4Tuner Tablo
WD Elements 2TB HD

Things are looking good in the Man Cave Cinema.

2 Tuner Tablo
2T Seagate Backup Plus
2 Roku 3
1 Android phone

2-tuner tablo wd element 1TB. Using PC chrome browser for upgrade. Received installation screen - proceeded to down load, install, reboot. After installation reboot, disk is undetected. After manual reset disk is undetected. You can see that there is no power to the disk. But pulling the plug and re-pulling in the device found the disk. And if you clear the chrome browser cache and restart WEB page, you can see a change to the connect screen.

I did a bad thing.  I’m at work & hubby is home so I told him to go ahead and do the upgrade.  It got stuck at 21% for a long time so I told him to power Tablo down so it could start again.  It came up fine but not asking to do the upgrade.  Settings screen now shows ver 2.1.20.  How do I tell for sure?

@Grandy - If the app is telling you 2.1.20 you should be good to go! 

not seeing image 

where should it be?