New July 2016 Survey available

Check your email. If you use Gmail it is in promotions. There is a survey about Tablo.

I just took it. :grinning:

Thanks for the update. I might have missed it otherwise. I hope you don’t mind me editing the title a bit, @beastman.

Filled it out this afternoon. All of those features sounded great, hard to pick just 2, but of course 5.1 made it on the list :slight_smile:

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Haven’t seen a thing :confused:

I just took the survey. I’m excited to see what new features make it to TABLO this year.

I am not convinced that survey results and new features go together after being with Tablo for 2 yrs. But I am a happy camper anyhow:)

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Do you have spam filters? Like i said, i checked Promotions for some reason and noticed it. Depending where spam filtering is done, it could be gone prior to your inbox.

Not at all @snowcat. Hope more people see and vote. Just mentioned because i don’t check primotions daily.

Not for them :frowning:

It was from
Ssid click to begin survey, and it was on a Surveymonkey site.

Yea got nothing.

@Jestep - If you’ve unsubscribed from any of our emails at any time, and/or used an email address that is ‘role based’ (like we won’t be able to send updates like this to you.

If that’s the case and you still want to take the survey I can send the link your way.

Can you send me the link, too?
I didn’t get the e-mail, either.

I noticed in the survey that you let us pick two features we would like to see worked on. The feature list didn’t include fill in options so we had to pick from a list that could give the false impression that those are the most sought after features.

I have two that I really think need to be implemented.

A setting for starting a scheduled recording/series (or even global setting) early by some amount of time has been on the list for a very long time and would be my number one choice. I have tried to record repeat episodes of The Big Bang Theory (which I have never seen) and had to delete all 56 recorded episodes because all of them were missing the beginning (no I didn’t check all 56 but after 10 episodes I said forget it). I was told (in my help ticket) that the solution is to create a manual recording and the feature is being considered for implementation a some later date (give me a break, it wasn’t even on the survey list). So for now, I would have to create manual recordings every few days for the next few months to correctly record the shows so that I could catch up. I was so frustrated with this answer/solution that I purchased the first 8 seasons on Blu-Ray. So much for the Tablo saving me some money. I have about 3 shows where this happens. To suggest creating a manual recording for this case is missing the point.

The skip ahead needs to be more than 10 seconds. I personally like a 30 second skip forward and a 7 second skip backward but why lock everyone into my preference. A setting that would allow me to select the amount of time to skip forward and backward would be awesome. You could even default both values to 10 seconds so that those who like the way it is are not affected or even have to worry about this new setting.

Work on stability. I get to many reboots that require me to skip forward by 10 seconds for the next 5 minutes to get back to where I was when watching a recorded show. Before you ask how many reboots I get per two hour Americas Got Talent episode, let me say that once per episode is too many times according to “The Boss”.

I know I said that I had two but that third one is really bad since the last update.

Thanks for your time.

Stability? Get a better antenna and improve your reception.

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I would guess that the survey is intended for existing users and therefore a somewhat captive audience. So how many of the questions have anything to do with making the product better for current customers.

Is it really important how old you are or how much money you make? Are there some plans to roll out features that would be triggered by how much you make?

Since I don’t see them deprecating various media players or remote connect, the survey is reduced to one basic question: what new features would you want. So how do you answer that question when you don’t care for any feature on the list and have your own favorite feature wish.

You tell us in the long form questions.

Get a better antenna? Get a better crystal ball so you can better troubleshoot. If an antenna is required to view my previously recorded show, we have some serious issues. A bad antenna should cause the Tablo to record a black or blocky screen or even cut the recording short (none of which is happening). My recordings are perfect.

I’m guessing it’s so that Tablo has statistical information on where to advertise for new customers.

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