New July 2016 Survey available

Except that particular question was the one without a long form space.

Tablo has advertising? Besides their WEB site where do they advertise? Their future advertising will make the product better for me.

Of course that kind of information is often sold to others so they can push their products.

I am pretty sure that he was referencing the questions at the end of the survey where you can enter whatever you want.

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No it was my same address I use… But I got it from another person :wink: They know who they are lol

Try using the arrow keys instead of the skip forward. It is faster and you get preview thumbnails. Doesn’t fix the reboot, but may remove some of the pain.

Just so everyone is aware, we don’t sell user information to any third parties.

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So you are saying that tablo doesn’t aggregate the data and make that data available to any third party’s.

And for an existing customer just how is the fact that tablo knows they make $50K, $100k, or $150K going to make the product better for them.

Um, they’ll know not to bother making a solid gold version if most customers make $50K.


The point I’m trying to make is that there are any number of semi-technical questions that could be asked that would make the product better for new and existing customers.

Wifi (2.4/5/ac) versus wired, static IP versus dynamic, number of channels in use, amount of time to update guide, length of time it took for initial setup, etc,etc,etc.

We’ve asked some questions (including the WiFi vs. wired one) on previous surveys and can access some aggregated data from our servers so we don’t necessarily need to ask some technical questions because we already know the answers.

Plus, none of the questions were mandatory and the one specifically around income provided a ‘prefer not to answer’ option so nobody should feel like they needed to reveal something they’d prefer not to share.

We use this data to make choices about potential future products, app and firmware updates and marketing campaigns. Participation is optional, but if you want to see Tablo succeed, providing feedback via this survey is an important way you can help us do that.

If you think there was something we should know we provided ample long form questions for that within the survey and you can always reach us via email or phone.

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I would like to take the survey

@Imthechuck - We would have sent it to the email to which your subscription is linked. Did you see the link in that inbox?

Hey folks - If you want to get in on the Amazon gift card giveaway you need to get your survey answers in by 11:59 p.m. ET tonight.

It should take 10 minutes or less and is a great way to make 5 p.m. come faster on a Friday afternoon in the summer.