NEW - Introducing the new 4th generation Tablo device & app experience!

I think the Legacy units work in Canada, its the new 4.0 that doesn’t work here. I ordered the legacy, I’m supposed to get it tomorrow, I’ll let you know how it works.

The legacy units work perfectly in Canada.

Well one of the reasons my wife purchased the new 4th gen was that she was mislead about whatching everywhere. Had we known this to be untrue we would never have purchased this unfinished product. Extremely dissapointed. I can’t believe this product is so iffy. The app on iOS is trash as it crashes all the time unexpectedly. The documentation that comes with it is insufficient. Just overall a product that was pushed out way too soon imho.
However, if this product can’t be returned I’m hoping at the very least the developers are taking note and are working for a resolute. Seems like this is the first tv product I’ve seen that has NO BROWSER SUPPORT in many years!!! They need the commercials to be more clear on what devices are supported and stop misleading customers…to me this feature nowadays is standard on all video broadcasting applications, am I not correct?

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I was able to return mine; I like the concept it’s easy to install, it’s just not ready for prime time. I will revisit the Gen 4 when the issues are resolved. Although they were very clear from the beginning that “Watch Anywhere” was not included in the Gen 4.

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I also took mine back but I bought it at the local Best buy. I also like the concept of the new Tablo but it is simply just to buggy. They pushed this product out way before it was ready. It seems like everyone that has it is having some kind of problem. I might purchase another one once it has the bugs worked out. In the meantime I will just keep my Dual Lite which is working great


Receive my new 4th gen tablet today, setup went well. I bought it replace my (malfunction) 4- tuner. (Hope they release a 4-tuner 4th Gen soon) So far so good. Like the addition of the Fast Channels. I guess time will tell.

I’m a happy Tablo 4th Gen user. I convinced my uncle to purchase one, and he is having lots of issues.
I’m wired directly into my network, and I use Chromecast with Google TV. No issues for me.
He’s using the Tablo via wifi, and he uses an older Roku. He experiences playback issues and connection issues.
I told him to wire it directly to his router and try that. I thought the second thing he could do is purchase a new Roku. Is my thinking correct on things he could try to improve his experience?

I think your suggestions are a good start. I would also look at his current router, it’s possible that it could also be a bottleneck if it’s an older model like his Roku.

Plus no HDMI connection! - I NEED a direct-to-TV connection. Not everyone uses Wi-fi or Ethernet to send signals to TV for a multitude of reasons. Currently using a quad HDMI unit. when Tablo adds HDMI back nad ASC 3 would be nice I’m back on-board, otherwise I hope my current unit doesn’t give up the ghost

Since you need a quad HDMI unit for a multitude of reasons then you must be willing to wait until these units become available.

Is the new model capable of ATSC 3.0

No, no ATSC 3.0 model at this time.

Don’t know if this has been asked, but with the legacy Tablo’s you can have multiple Tablo’s connected and use all the tuners.

So my question is whether I can get two of the Gen 4 models and have 4 tuners to use that way? Not optimal, but would it work?

Not a direct answer, but a comment about your understanding of the OG Tablo devices. The legacy devices, with regards to apps and web, have the concept of connecting and disconnecting (one Tablo at a time). But as far as I know, separate units do not have knowledge of one another.

Btw, I own 2 legacy units. The are 2-tuner units. I do not have some sort of virtual 4 tuner “unit”, but two independent 2 tuner units.

Also, I’m old enough to be grandfathered under the legacy EPG, which means my units do share a common subscription (for me, a “lifetime” subscription, emphasis on the quotes now). But the units themselves are independent.

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Absolutely! It works just the same way as the legacy units by giving different names to the two units. You can switch between them just like the legacy units.

I have the old quad. Will monitor these free channels, as Tablo says it allows recording of the streamed channels. That could be a big plus, if the ‘free’ channels are of any interest

I used a Belkin BU3DC001-12V Residential Gateway Battery. This is a 12 volt UPS that you use in place of your power supply. They can keep the Tablo operational for several hours. You can get them fairly inexpensively on eBay: belkin bu3dc001-12v for sale | eBay

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I’ve heard other people mention using these as backups for many different devices. I’d also have to get a backup for the hardrive or switch to a drive with less power draw. Thanks for the suggestion.

I am using a 2.5" drive that runs on USB power, so this is not an issue for me since it gets its power from the Tablo. I currently have a 2 TB unit on it, but I did test it with their 5 TB 2.5" and it works fine as well.

I have multiple of the Belkin units in my network closet. I have another unit that backs up my cable modem & router. I use 1 unit for both of these and use a splitter.

The only issue I have with the Belkin units is that they do not handle the very quick blips. If the power goes out for a second or more (up to several hours), everything is fine. But the occasional fraction of a second blip causes the devices to reset. Other than this exception, they are great. They can keep my Tablo, cable modem and router running for hours during a power outage.

I should replace my hard drive. I think my drive is causing some issues anyway. All the power outages we’ve had, power surges, brown outs. You’d think i live in a third world country. I have more important stuff on UPS. Frankly though it’s VERY frustrating I can’t watch locally recorded content when the internet is out. I’ll just add this in case anyone is looking at this model drive. Something to watch out for.