New Generation 4 Tablo

Is the new Gen 4 worth it or not. It would appear that they have not got all of the bugs worked out yet and if you do buy it you will only get about 4 years before 3.0 kicks in. Of course most everyone on here are going to have the same problem with our Legacy Tablos as well. When the new firmware rolls out this year are the Legacy owners going to be able to access the streaming channels on our current devices. I had thought about getting the new one but with all the bugs I think I will wait. My Dual lite is working great

I have one of the legacy 4 tuner Tablos, and it’s doing the job for me. It does everything I need, and I have no interest in the FAST channels capability because I already get what I want with my Fire TV 4K MAX, and even have some Roku Ultras as a backup. So, there’s no reason for me to buy the New Gen 4 Tablo, and it makes sense for me to wait for the ATSC 3.0 version. I suspect there’s a lot of Tablo owners like me out there.

You are right. I was thinking about getting rid of the monthly charge. I currently have the Commercial skip which I have had problems with on and off since I have had it. It works right about 80 percent of the time. I am not that concerned about loosing that at all. I am currently using a Roku Ultra and my Tablo works great on it. They should not have released this new device without the 3.0 tuner which I am sure would have jacked up the price of the device

I think we need to consider their target audience isn’t those of us who already have a legacy Tablo. Cord cutters are becoming a larger and larger group and the gen 4 Tablo is a cheap entry into cord cutting for someone who has decided they want to give it a try, especially when it has internal storage.

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Probably right. Think I will just keep my current Tablo

I currently have YouTube TV for $76/mo. So, if I get the new Tablo 4, along with Sling TV for $42/mo., it will pay for itself in 3 months.

I decided to give it a try and ordered it today.

I bought the 4th gen and use it with my Rokus. While it does exactly as advertised, it is buggy. Especially the Roku app, and in particular the guide. It needs a lot of refining.

That being said, once I’m on a channel, it’s generally ok. It does crash on occasion while just watching a channel.

I hope they iron out the bugs.

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I was a Tablo user in the past. It was probably 5 years ago or more. My former house was in a location that made it difficult to pick up ota tv. I ended up selling the Tablo and went with YouTube TV. I’m now in a different location much closer to tv towers. I purchased the Tablo 4th Gen knowing full well I’ll have to upgrade once 3.0 is live. I’d say it’s worth it for a person like me. YouTube TV has more than doubled since I first subscribed. If you have a legacy 4 tuner I can’t see making the switch.

Great product sp far. Reminds of the beta testing I did for Sonic Blue (ReplayTV)……dating myself, mid-90’s. Size is no comparison, but amazing to see this technology mature further and further. I have too many devices that can’t work yet tho. My TV’s (6), 4 Apple, 2 Firestick. I also have a Vizio TV and a Samsung. I have iPads and Phones, those work great. Just ready to get the feel for the Vizio and AppleTV.

Btw, is there a location for a compatibility list for external storage? Is a USB stick good enough? HDD? Etc. Just looking to start the expansion project.

Way to go scrum teams!.

Mike - CAC

Using Live guide, select a program to watch, return to guide. It starts at the top again.

Please enhance so when return to guide it starts at current channel, not go back to top of Live guide

There are tons of things to fix. Here is the one that’s seems to be from stupidville that I see on Roku.

There are 3 basic lists of channels. The scan list, the shows list(since almost all channels have shows), and the Live(grid).

Each of these lists seem to be sorted in a different order. And the only list that really makes sense, if the gen 4 is basically designed for OTA, is Live. It’s sorted by OTA by virtual channel. Followed by FAST channels in alphabetical order.

In the FAQ (…

I’ve been using the Tablo 4th Gen the last couple of days on Chromecast with Google TV. I’ve had to restart my Chromecast a couple of times so the Tablo app would load. It seams like the app needs improvement.

Are you using the latest new updated Tablo app Version 1.0.4 com.nuvyyo.TabloFAST. Version 2.1.0 is the old version …?

Notice the ATSC 1.0 {1080i/1080p} video photo above has been upscaled to 4K, via my home network 4K upscaling setup …!

Yes. My application version and Android OS says the same as yours. I noticed the Tablo will recover if I click “disconnect”. The Chromecast will then quickly find it again and be back to normal.

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Will you use Roku and how will Roku integrate sling and tablo. Justc curious as I am new to this.

I was going to use my Chromebox. Unfortunately, I ran into a buffering problem. I called support and they said that they will not support Chromebox for another 2 months, so I returned it.

I do not have a Tablo (I will tomorrow, theoretically) but let me explain why I decided to buy a new 4th gen instead of looking for a used 3rd gen four-tuner (saw one on eBay and almost bit).

Let’s say I use the product for two years before upgrading to an ATSC-3.0 capable Tablo.

$99/24 = $4.13 a month.

That’s less than the subscription price I would need to pay if I found a used 3rd gen.

I want four tuners, house shared by six adults—there are bound to be scheduling conflicts with just two tuners—but in the words of Bob Barker - “The Price is Right!”

If you already have a 3rd gen and either already have a lifetime subscription, don’t need a subscription, or can easily afford the subscription then it does seem like upgrading may be buying bugs.

But for me anyway, it makes sense. And hopefully in a couple years or so they will have a nice 4-tuner ATSC 3.0 version ready.


I upgraded from the Dual Lite which I’ve used for years. I think my primary reason to switch to the Gen 4 was the video quality is much better. I also like that the Roku App is a little quicker when displaying channels. The overall User Interface seems better too. However, like all new products, I went into this knowing that there would be things that didn’t work quite right. I’ve made video’s of what I was seeing and sent them to the Tablo Support group. If all goes well, hopefully they will get those things corrected in future firmware releases.


I too have moved from YouTube TV so I bought the new fourth generation Tablo A great antenna that gives me almost 70 channels, including locals and I use Philo for $25 a month as it gives me most of the larger more popular streaming sites and I’m saving about $50+ a month

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