NEW Firmware Release - 2.2.14

Hi there Tablo fans -

A new firmware is on the way for your Tablo!

Like previous releases, this firmware will be offered in a staged rollout. A small portion of users will have access to this firmware immediately. We will increase access slowly as we judge feedback and distribute the firmware to increasingly larger batches of units over the coming week.

The focus of this release is to address some issues you’ve reported recently including, problems viewing recordings on LG Smart TVs, streaming live TV without a hard drive and also to boost overall speed, stability and reliability.

Release Notes for 2.2.14:
• Performance improvements on launch of remote playback streams
• Performance improvements for ‘Fast Live TV Startup’ on Roku devices*
• Performance improvements for formatting and bulk delete disk operations
• Fix for auto-delete to reduce minimum free space on smaller disk sizes
• Fix for streaming live TV without a hard drive
• Fix for playback of recordings on LG Smart TVs
• Improvements to transcoding engine firmware
• Performance improvements when populating TV guide data, especially during setup or when adding new channels to the guide
• Fix for issue where fast forward previews were sometimes not generated for Apple TV
• Other reliability and performance enhancements

NOTE: Post-upgrade database processes (if needed) may take several minutes to complete. During this time the LED will be blinking. Do not power down the Tablo until the LED is solid again.

For tips and tricks on successful firmware updates head over to the Knowledge Base.

If you have any feedback or questions about this release, please post them below. If you need support assistance, place a ticket and we’ll be in touch.

*Regarding the ‘Fast Live TV Startup’ change for Roku… There is some history behind this.

Tablo ramps up the length of the video segments it sends to streaming devices starting with three 2 second segments, then three 3 second segments, three 4 second segments etc…

When this setting is enabled, Tablo will wait for 3 segments of video before beginning the stream vs. waiting for 5 segments of video.

Previously, Roku was the one device that did not follow the ‘Fast Live TV Startup’ setting when selected because it would not allow the ramping up of segment lengths. However, that has now changed. Roku will now follow the ‘Fast Live TV Startup’ setting and will always be sent 2 second long video segments. In our testing, this has reduced the overall time for Live TV to begin streaming by about 4 seconds. That being said, because this also reduces the buffer of video segments, it can lead to incidences of ‘Loading Please Wait’.

Long story short, if you see an increase in LPWs when watching via Roku, turn off ‘Fast Live TV Startup’ in the settings section of your Tablo app.

We hope you like this new update!


It’s prompting me to update to 2.2.13 at this point…

Isn’t 2.2.13 a Beta? so I canceled for now until 2.2.14 is officially released and do update? Am I doing it right? or do I have to go thru 2.2.13 first to get 2.2.14? Thanks…

It also said 2.2.13 Beta and I click update before I fully read it. You say it is going to take a few minutes to update the database, mine his been blinking for over 30 minutes now since the update finished and I have to leave for the weekend and my Tablo seems struck. I have a 3 TB HD with about 2 TB used, should it take that long?

Same here, my wife clicked update before I got home. Now on 2.2.13. I am not a beta tester. (2 tuner)

Weird. I have two Tablos (a four-tuner and a two-tuner). The four-tuner asked me to upgrade to 2.2.14. The two-tuner asked me to upgrade to 2.2.13. Bizarre. I will hold off until others report in about their upgrades.

yea…I got the 13 beta on my 2 tuner a the exact same time this was posted. Are things that slow or did someone actually fark up which update was supposed to go to 2 tuner boxes? cause that would be just…sad…

I’m seeing the offer of an upgrade to the 2.2.13 beta as well. It’s been a long time since I last signed up for betas, and I’m pretty sure I’m no longer on the list. When 2.2.14 does finally make it to my Tablo, I may wait to see how the feedback is going before doing the update, certainly not before next week.

ive never signed up for beta and it sent me 13 beta.

Multiple 2-tuners. Beta 2.2.13 - S.N.A.F.U.

I’m also being prompted to upgrade to 2.2.13 BETA. Perhaps they forgot to rename the release to 2.2.14 before pushing it out? @TabloTV Are you guys looking into what’s going on?

Version naming mistake.
It’s a disaster.

4 tuner here and also got the offer to upgrade to 2.2.13 BETA.

Also I have never been part of the Beta program.

I have the 4 tuner model. It just asked me to upgrade so I did. Now it shows I’m on version 2.2.13. (does not mention Beta) Immediately after the box started buffering on all channels. (not digitizing like a poor channel, just buffering between the box and my Roku AND Apple devices.) The TV is unwatchable. I tried rebooting the router and the tablo. No improvement.

Accepted the update - now reflects version 2.2.13. Everything seems to be fine on Roku 3 and Apple TV. Apple seemed to load much faster.

When upgrades are available it is always phased and my tablos are always at the end. Now they get prompted for upgrade immediately.

Seems rather fishy.

I have a 4-tuner. Signed up for Beta consideration a while back. It downloaded and installed 2.2.13. Everything went successfully. Accessing thru Roku Ultra and Windows 10 pc media server.

I too received an update for 2.2.13. I should have waited. I cannot watch any live TV at the moment. Recordings still work. I have reset the Tablo and Roku. Roku 3 os 7.5.

I have the 2.2.13.BETA - I’m going to wait. Thanks for the heads up.

The last beta was a release candidate, I am betting someone forgot to change a version number.

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