NEW Firmware Release - 2.1.24 (old thread)

@snowcat ok total for that show 


Thanks.  It doesn’t seems too bad.  I updated my firmware about an hour ago, and I haven’t noticed any significant extra disk usage.

@PhilH quickly hit the blue button on the back to reboot the tablo and it should pop up sooner. But give it a couple minutes or so

Thanks Jestep. That worked.

It’s about 20 seconds of extra recording per 1 hour show so @Jestep’s calculation is just about right.

After the update I can no longer connect to the Tablo. Both in Chrome web browser and the android app, it just says connecting and never actually connects. Anyone know a fix for this?


1. Power your Tablo again.
2. Delete all your Chrome browser data for the Tablo. Then try again. See Jestep’s post from above for a screenshot of where you can do this.
3. On the Android device, delete the app, reboot the device, then re-install the app. 

You guys rock!!! The preview in skipping is totally making our night in watching last night’s recordings.

Thank you Tablo for listening to your client base.

I must agree.  This is a GREAT update!!

I use a harmony remote and programmed to do skip forward (using 5 skip forwards via roku remote).  And was pleasantly surprised to see I had previews during the skip, very reminiscent to the TiVo.  Previews during skip forwards are very useful.  

They are not present for the skip back, which is fine.  I would like the skip back to back a little faster.


So updating to the newest firmware and the reboot didn’t break the pairing for Tablo Connect on some of my devices.

Did you guys change the way Tablo Connect works for pairing?

I clicked on the update in Chrome and it’s be going through Update Tablo, Retrieving Update Information for a long time. Over 30 minutes. Is this normal to take so long?

Never mind, restarted the update going faster.

I updated but now Tablo is unable to find my hard drive. I tried via iOS, Android and Chrome. I can watch Live TV so I know I am connected.

As an improvement, is it possible to have an indicator to show the recordings that have thumbnails? So when I am trying to play recordings I can pick the ones with thumbnails. Assume the only way to know now would be to actually play the recording?

Can someone please check if the Enable/Disable Fast Live TV startup option is still there in this new version ?

I don’t want to upgrade unless I can disable the Fast Live TV startup…  Thanks

@MrBitterMN is this via web browser? I had that happen on one of my Tablos, had to just refresh the browser. 

@lowbee, that check box is still there.

@Jestep, it is via the browser, iPad and Android phone. Seems to be not found by anything. 

@MrBitterMN open a ticket with support, bad news is they may not get it until tomorrow. So until then do a quick push on the blue button in the back to reboot to see if it will come back up good.

@Jestep, already submitted a ticket was hoping maybe someone in the community could help. The hard drive powers up on my laptop and desktop but not in Tablo. I tried hooking up another drive and same problem. Seems strange that both usb ports would go bad at the same time but that is what it currently is looking like.

@MrBitterMN that is strange, especially if they just went bad after an upgrade… Things that make you go hmmmm.

On first reading of the description I thought “Big deal”, but I just used it and wow, it is a really, really good improvement.  Working fine via Roku. I ran the Android app this afternoon and it updated the app, but there is no preview; is there supposed to be?

Web app seems perfect.