NEW Firmware Release - 2.1.24 (old thread)

A new firmware release is available for Tablo which includes a feature we know you'll all love. Keep reading for the full scoop.

New Firmware Release - 2.1.24
  • FFW/REW Thumbnail support
    • Tablo’s Roku channel and web app on PC/Mac (Chrome) will now provide support for thumbnail previews during fast forward and rewind on recordings. Thumbnail previews will not be available for Live TV.
    • For a full overview of this new feature, check out the Tablo blog
    • Please note: Creating thumbnails for all recordings on your disk may take up to 24+ hours, depending on the number of recordings.
    • Thumbnail creation requires the use of a tuner. If all tuners are in use, Tablo will wait for a tuner to become available to process your recordings.
  • Other small stability improvements

Check out the Tablo Knowledge Base for tips and tricks on successful firmware updates.

If you have any feedback, please let us know by posting in the thread or placing a ticket with @TabloSupport.  

(Apologies to anyone now craving nuggets.)
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Amazing - thanks! I want to upgrade right now but I’m away from home so I can’t power cycle the Tablo. Maybe a soft reset from the Settings page in future releases? :stuck_out_tongue: This is a scenario where it’d be useful.

I wanted the thumbnail processing to do its business while I’m away.

Update was flawless and it rebooted itself, without needing to power cycle.  Now I can’t wait to try the new features tonight.


It always reboots on its own after updating. I meant reboot to prompt the update. My Tablo doesn’t see the update yet.

Ahhh…mine popped up as soon as I opened the web app.


Lucky you, I’m jealous lol

Don’t use Roku anymore, but best part of this update means, I hope, we’re really close to the Fire TV app :).

Ok issue… @TabloSupport

In all my shows were cut down to like less than 30 seconds long. I had to delete all data and then things were ok

Just be aware you may need to delete your cached data

@Jestep Just a little more detail:

When you say you deleted all data - you mean you cleared the cache, and the problem was solved? And when you say the recordings were cut down… They wouldn’t play longer than 30 seconds?

Cleared the local data @TabloSupport not the cache

When they played it was only showing 30 sec or less in the UI. So yes it would not play more than that. I saw like 29, 17, etc… Depending on the show
But once data was deleted everything was good to go

Local data - I thought that was in the cache?
When ‘Clearing the cache’ I always choose everything,
I never clear cache unless it dumps all the trash. Is that what you mean, IN the browser, not ON the Tablo?

@ShadowsPapa, this is what I mean:

OK, I guess I never clear one without clearing the other in case there’s some tie between them. So when I clear the “cache” I am also clearing that out. At least it leaves the Tablo intact, it’s only the locally stored data (local to the PC, etc.)

@ShadowsPapa the database is where all the show info is stored. So maybe somehow the times got messed up

I’m not being offered the update. I even cleared my cache in chrome & shut down my computer and restarted. I went thru the find the Tablo and started a fresh sync. Still no offer of a update.

Kinda feeling left out… 

I am on 2.1.20

That makes sense - it’s what gets sync’d and how your “browser” or local device knows what’s on your Tablo. Of course, we are talking PC, browser, etc. so all things are possible, and if it’s Windows, all things are likely. 

At least you found the fix in case others run across the same or a similar issue - purge the database on the local device, resync, try again. 

@PhilH quickly hit the blue button on the back to reboot the tablo and it should pop up sooner. But give it a couple minutes or so

And now I started the update on my wife’s 2 tuner with hundreds of shows… We shall see how that works with the thumbnail generation 

Does anyone know how much extra disk space these thumbnails will take up?

@snowcat looking at the thumbnails for How to get away with murder 2 hour finale it looks like about 20mb or so…

Maybe a little less… Maybe I will add it up :slight_smile: