New firmware causing lots of Tablo drops from network


I am with Lothos. My Tablo is also hard wired and I keep getting drops in the middle of watching shows.


Curiously I have had the exact opposite problem. I upgraded my router to a Netgear 7000 and the Tablo kept getting dropped and CONSTANTLY required reconnecting. I forced the Tablo to connect at 5Ghz and … voila!.. the problem went away.


I have a feeling you’re not the only one who misunderstood my results.

Wireless-n can be utilized in 2 frequency ranges: 2.4GHz; and 5GHz.
Wireless-g can be utilized in 1 frequency range: 2.4GHz.

My Tablo would disappear from our network if it connected to wireless-n @ 2.4GHz.
Connecting to wireless-g @ 2.4GHz is my workaround.

I’m unable to even test connecting my Tablo via wireless-n @ 5GHz, cuz of distance, and obstructions between the Tablo, and wireless router.


I’m sorry I threw a fly in the ointment. I did indeed understand your results. Many comments on multiple threads have said they were disabling 5Ghz and forcing their Tablo to connect at 2.4Ghz (not understanding the wireless-g part of the equation). I was attempting to point out that if you can connect a 5Ghz the whole problem goes away because of the higher throughput at the higher frequency. If you can’t connect at 5Ghz, then using the wireless-g 2.4Ghz works, but if you CAN connect at 5Ghz this would be preferable and, by my results, would solve the problem…

I didn’t mean imply that you were doing it wrong.


Thank you for your thoughtful explanation.
I took no offense.


The firmware that just came out resolved the issue with the old 18 firmware that I was having and everything is working great again.

Thank you!