New Chromecast with Improved Wifi

Check it out. I’m excited to try this out with my Tablo app and see if it is improved performance for Tablo.

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This will definitely improve performance. I’ll probably pick one up today if possible and do some testing.

There is still no Tablo app for the Chromecast, it is still casting which creates problems.

Ordered, even though they say ships in 1-2 days it says about 3 weeks :frowning:

Yeah, ordered one too, at the checkout I saw they were offering the free shipping for the longest delay, just like Amazon. Coulda got it sooner if I’d wanted to pay more…

I know that it isn’t a native app to the Chromecast (not a thing), but with improved wifi performance, it should handle the streaming better. If it is handled properly (like most other chromecast apps) then it should be great performance streaming over a local network.

Tablo’s casting function is way behind other apps like Netflix, Google Play, Watch ESPN, etc. which have performed almost flawlessly on my current Chromecast. Hoping that the higher performance will make up for the app’s poor programming or whatever is going on.


Yea, my thought too since it supports much higher speed. Plus, I have never had any real issue casting to my current chormecast

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Well, even though when I ordered it said 2 weeks, the new chromecast shipped and should be here tomorrow :wink: I will let you know how well it works

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Me too! Glad I didn’t pay extra for fast shipping.



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Ok, so I get it delivered, um lucky the inside was strong :frowning:

But it does seem to be working very well so far, no buffering beyond the initial or fast forward/rewind buffer. Now mind you I record at 720p not 1080p

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Is the initial buffer shorter? Did ever have buffering before mid stream?

No, I did not, the initial buffer is about what I would expect it to be. Not too long, but not too short either :wink:

Another interesting fact I had heard about the Project Fi sim cards as well. This shipped from Ingram Micro marked as google. But the address is clearly Ingram Micro :wink:

I got mine as well. I just got to test it shortly last night, but it went well. The Tablo app still seemed to have a ridiculous amount of buffering between FF skips, which is what I was having problems with on the 1st gen. The “excuse” was always that the 1st Gen Chromecast couldn’t handle the content, but this appears to have the same problems. Still leaning towards this being a Tablo App issue considering how every other app works fine on both Chromecasts.

I couldn’t get it to hook up to my 5GHz, so I’ll have to try that out and see if it provides better performance.

When you say, “ridiculous amount of buffering” What exactly do you mean time wise?

I’d have to time it next time, but when skipping ahead 30 seconds (don’t get me started on why @TabloTV is moving away from 30 second FF on Android TV and the app when not chromecasting) it takes about 10 seconds (give or take) to buffering, maybe more. I feel like it should be comparable to the Android TV, which is almost instantaneous (but I can’t tell because they stop playback automatically on Android TV, which is another one of my gripes).

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I have always found the time to be about that long. And with the latest Firmware it seems to be that amount on almost every platform. SO really not sure

It isn’t that long on my Android TV, the Android App by itself, web, etc. Almost every other platform performs better. I just tested this (on my phone at work) and it is maybe 1 second to buffer at each RW and FF. This is great! If my chromecast was 2 seconds to buffering when skipping, that would be acceptable. What I experience now is not.

Wow, mine is never that fast, browser seems to be faster than the others but not that fast :confused: