New Chromecast with Improved Wifi

@faganm24 Have you tried connecting to 5GHz yet? You said you couldn’t get it to work. I got mine today, but I couldn’t get it to work either. My 5 GHz band didn’t even show up in the list of networks available. I have the Tablo and Roku stick both connected to that band so I know it’s working, and the new Chromecast shows up in the router, so everything appears to be in place, just can’t get the SSID showing in the Chromecast app during setup.

So I actually split my 2 from my 5ghz and then reconnected the phone, chromecast, and the Mac to 5ghz

And on all devices it is very slow to FF/RW

My 5 GHz shows up, but this is the error I get. Still can’t figure it out.

The lack of buffering is really amazing on Android TV, it surprises me that other platforms can’t perform as well. I completely agree with you that the extra step to start playback is unnecessary. Hopefully you get 5ghz working so you can do a fair comparison between Android TV and Chromecast.

Figured out my issue:

My phone doesn’t support 5GHz so it won’t connect the Chromecast on that band along with my phone. I don’t have any other mobile devices that support it so I’m SOL for now. My phone wasn’t showing the 5GHz band (naturally) so the Chromecast allowed me to choose ‘other’ in the SSID. I typed in the SSID and password and got the screenshot above. Bummer. That was one of the main reasons I bought the Chromecast, for the faster WIFI (I’ve already had the 1st gen Chromecast for a couple years now, but needed another one so waited for this new one).


I would recommend picking up Nexus Player for only $50 if you want improved WiFi. I have used Tablo on Roku, Chromecast, and a Nexus Player and the Nexus Player is BY FAR the best experience. There is literally around 1 second of bbuffering(or less) whether you are starting a recording, fast forwarding, or anything else. Considering its only $15 more than Chromecast, and still has Google Cast ability, it think it’s worth it.


I would agree. I have tried out the new Chromecast and while it works great for most apps, the Tablo app is terrible when trying to skip through commercials. General playback is fine.

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@dhanger I tried casting again tonight and had greatly improved results. I changed my WiFi so it broadcasts the same SSID on both 2.4 and 5 GHz. My Chromecast didn’t appear to be connected to the 5 GHz channel, but my FF only had about 3-4 seconds of buffering and I was able to hit the skip key multiple times for a commercial to get close to the end of the break.

I feel like this is way better. Not sure what I did.


I replaced my Chromecast with a Nexus Android Player. Fixed most of the really bad issues. In addition to fixing the long delays, buffering, FF and crashing issues I can now record in 1080 HD flawlessly and browse on the TV screen with the included remote. It’s a whole new Tablo DVR experience.


I was going to order one, but after reading many reviews the hardware is not a great improvement from generation 1. They mostly read skip the generation 2 Chromecast. I was having issues with Chromecast generation 1, but after plunging into the forums I think I have the issues all wrapped up with buffering.