NEW - Automatic Commercial Skip Server Update (May 2020)

Improved? Nine out of eighteen failed for me.

Could it be that the CS ML model has become so robust that it can no longer learn no matter what updated training data it is fed. With customized detection for popular programs could CS have now jumped the shark.

Is the possibility of scheduling uploads overnight (or at a time when there’s little to no internet use) on the “coming months” list… or the “maybe, someday” still?

[from that blog post]

That’s over 300 hours of annoying commercials you didn’t have to sit through!

For those with out Tablo’s Premium Service - why do you think we actually watched the commercials?:roll_eyes: Really, do thumbnail creation fail more for non-premium customers?:smirk: With or with out commercial skip it’s unlikely any DVR user would watch a fraction of those. This seems a bit hyped up.:neutral_face:

Cut ins like this can definitely cause problems with the system as well as weird ‘from home’ formats.

For example, last night’s ABC News with David Muir failed because there were no commercial breaks as a good portion of the show cut to the President’s address.

It is something that we know is important for some folks but it’s not something that we’re working on right now. There are a few other priorities that we want to cross off the list.

That being said, we’re almost due for another survey so make sure you put that on the feature request section. The more people who ask for something, the more attention it gets.

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Nesom;s briefings don’t cut in. When the CBS schedule says The Bold and the Beautiful starts at 12:30PM at exactly 12:30PM Newsom appears and starts talking.

While there may not be any real commercials, one might suspect that Newsom’s whole talk is one long never ending commercial.

While I don’t actually watch the soaps I was going to record it just for my own covid-19 self isolation fun. But my local CBS station wised up and moved Newsom to a sub-channel.

I have had 100% since the upgraded server side enhancements.
I have no idea how the algorithm works but one network, NBC, in my market is HI-VHF and experiences some minor pixelation during a show. In the past this would result in CS fail. No more.

For $20 the service is worth it.


That is one of the tweaks that was made. Glad it’s working out for you!

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One new tweak as of this week…

We noticed that the popular late-night shows just weren’t being processed well due to their ‘from home’ COVID formats… For now the following shows have been added to the FILTERED list and will be ineligible for Commercial Skip:

  • Jimmy Kimmel Live!
  • The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
  • Late Night With Seth Meyers
  • The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Once these shows return to their in-studio format (hopefully soon), we’ll remove them from the filter.

If this drags out for longer than expected, we’ll take another look at making custom configurations for these as well.

Otherwise, we’re always hard at work tuning this feature to be as awesome as possible and we hope you’re enjoying it.

If you see issues with a particular show or with a particular ad break on a regular basis, please feel free to send over the details so we can take a closer look!

So not sure if you touched on this but I have a couple of questions about commericial skip that i have … your guide data that is feeding the commerc skip processs is not clearifying NEW or previously aired for SNL and others so when i Record I only record New Airings and New programming and it is recording alot of the old contenet because the guide is not clarifying the old from new …??
Ok so that is my first question guess that is a guide and tablo app issue not commercial skip…
how long does the process take after show has aired for skipping?? and can I start watching program when it is still recording and skip the commercials??

One last thing I have the tablo app on my windows 10 PC and I have a sony bravia 4k smart android tv that has the preview app and the tablo app however the tablo app seems to have changed to be very similar to the preview app … Should I have all of these tablo apps …(i also have the app on my ios iphone xr and i notice sometimes i get duplicate recordings ???

thanks for your prompt reply

Somewhere I thinks there’s info regarding preview is similar to what most vendors call beta or release candidate app, but not sure

If you search, it’s likely you find others with duplicate issues on IOS devices, maybe this ends it.

Two separate “things” commercial skip works indepant of guide data new or not

The data comes from Gracenote [tablotv search] and they get it from networks and/or station affiliates. The new/not new is a PITA, I usually only find it annoying, others, outright irritating. For SNL, sometimes they won’t even provide accurate show info… you can try to pass along the info the tablo via support ticket

Very happy to see the Commercial Skip feature getting enhancements. Is there any schedule or expected release date for the Commercial Skip feature on the LG WebOS TV app? Using a FireStick now but would love to use the TV without the need for the FireStick only to run Tablo.

How long after a show is done does it take for a show to have the CS processed?

Tablo Automatic Commercial Skip FAQs

How long should Tablo Automatic Commercial Skip processing take after a recording is completed? indicator

In a best-case scenario, a 1-hour recording should be commercial skip ready approximately 15 minutes after the recording is completed. However, the total time it takes for a recording to be processed by the Tablo Commercial Skip Server can vary depending on the length of the recording, the availability of an open tuner on your Tablo, your internet upload/download speed, and the current queue on the Commercial Skip Server. Longer recordings and recordings completed during peak periods can take between 1-2 hours for processing.

FYI - The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is back in the studio so we’ve removed that show from the filtered list. It is now again eligible for Automatic Commercial Skip processing.

Have you yet considered an option to delay processing, to spare prime time bandwidth? For users with less than “super fast” internet. (New marketing term to measure internet speed)

We know it’s a thing that some folks would like, but based on the recent customer survey we’ve got some other features that should get crossed off the to-do list first.

:sigh:, yea, too bad more didn’t realize it was a “thing” …they may have brought it up more often.

FYI - we’ve removed The Late Show with Stephen Colbert from the filtered list as well now that he’s back in the studio. Seth Myers is returning next week so we should be able to remove his show from the filtered list as well.

Once Kimmel returns we’ll hopefully be able to have all late-night shows eligible for Automatic Commercial Skip again.

For you late night fans, Johnny Carson is available in a number of areas and (at least in Houston) his show does have commercial skip. One of the advantages of getting old(er) is there are no reruns!

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As of tonight, all Late Night Shows (including Jimmy Kimmel) are eligible for Automatic Commercial Skip again.

It’s worth noting that in order for any show freshly removed from the comskip filtered list to be processed, any other eligible show must be uploaded first.

So if your only recording happening today is Jimmy Kimmel, it won’t be uploaded. If you record pretty much anything else before Jimmy airs… news, sports, prime-time sitcom… it will be uploaded and processed starting tonight.