New AppleTV error

Is anyone else seeing a message during playback “An unknown Error Has Occured” on the screen. Two options are available; Try Again or Cancel.

I’ve not seen success with Try Again, and have had to Cancel, close the app and start again.

Anyone else seeing this?

Yes, I’ve been receiving this error as well. It seems to happen at random. Clicking “Try Again” does nothing. I have to close the app, and start it again in order to restore functionality.

@Samkimg @FarFromNormal Does this error come up during any particular action in the app? E.g tuning to a channel, bringing up a new screen, etc?

Same thing happeneds to me; I think it happends when I click out of the app or the Apple TV goes into sleep mode and I come back later

It seems randomn but usually when those two things occur

I just got a tablo and installed an outdoor antenna

I am really impressed thus far; well after updating my wd elements firmware

I’ve gotten this error when first tuning to the channel, and I’ve also gotten it in the midst of watching a channel (not the same channel). I’ve also seen it occur during playback of recordings once.

I checked my network first, thinking it may be related, but my network signal is at the max strength.

It seems to be random. I have all device configurations frozen and no new items have been added to my network. This issue has happened on both of AppleTV units at different times on different channels.

Just happened again tonight while watching live channel. About 45 mins. into the show, it stopped and displayed the error. Then, when I clicked cancel, it gave another error about not being able to locate the Tablo. I then closed the application, and checked the network connection, which was fine. The Tablo was located again when I re-launched the app.

This makes me think there may be some issue with the Tablo dropping off my network for some reason? I have 2 ATV units and they’ve both had the same problem, yet their network connections are strong.

It happens to me also but rarely. I need to completely back out of the app (back to the ATV “home”) and then relaunch.

It happens to me when I exit out of a show going back to the channel guide.

I receive this error on one particular set of recordings. The recordings play fine from other devices, but on the Apple TV app I always receive this error when trying to access the recordings.

Same exact problem here. I’ve had it where I try to tune into a channel and if I don’t get the error that the OP talks about every once in a while, I will get the audio stream started but no video. I have to restart the Apple TV for things to get back to normal.

Our devs are looking at these, folks! We intend to iron out lots of these as we move forward towards future releases (which we don’t have a date for yet)!

Faster loading guide data & more sorting options for recordings (by more recent or types) are the 2 things I’d like to see implemented asap.

I can wait for the rest np :slight_smile:

Don’t need a date or locked feature list as yet, but would like to see a release schedule, features can be added based upon complexity and customer requests. And yes, SW development management is what I do for a living.

I’m also experiencing this randomly. The Tablo shuts down and restarts when this happens. The blue light starts flashing and that is turned off in my settings and if I get back into the app too quickly, it tells me it can’t find a Tablo. I have to keep scanning until it finds it.

Haven’t seen anything new on this post in some time. So I’m going to give an update. My Tablo is practically useless now. The problem has gotten progressively worse, and it’s now to the point that I can barely get through 15 mins. of live viewing before the Tablo loses it’s connection to my network and restarts itself. None of the other Apple TV apps have this problem. I’m really regretting my decision to drop cable now.

I spent a lot of money on this, what a waste. I wouldn’t recommend Tablo to anyone.

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How about a little understanding for his (her?) frustration, Davebhc71?

This little box popped up as I typed this with the following info from Tablo-
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Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas, not people.

Telling someone to “climb back under a rock” seems to totally disregard the basic rules set forth above, does it not?

How about if YOU show some comprehension in reading a raft of posts that were offensive and insulting from the get go! Labelling Nuvyyo’s efforts as “shit” doesn’t seem to bother YOU, does it?

“Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas, not people.” So what did this turkey do that was constructive? Did he analyze ideas or people - a whole corporation. Come on let’s quit this Neville Chamberlain charade when it comes to trolls and ranters…

By categorizing Nuvyyo’s work as “shit” he basically characterized every successful user who enjoys their Tablo as “shit.” And you’re defending him LOL.


OK folks.

Some people are frustrated. Some people are happy. This is the nature of life.

Let’s turn the dial down on both sides and do our best to offer solutions and encouragement.