New Apple TV Tablo App

I was wondering if Tablo is going to develop an App for the soon to launch new Apple TV?

Unfortunately the limitation here is not Tablo’s willingness. They want to have a native ATV app but Apple has locked down their Apple TV ecosystem that Tablo cannot write and release an app for it.

Tablo has said if Apple provides a store similar to other iOS devices then they will have a native app. Until then you can only AirPlay to the ATV.

This Is why many of us use Rokus and Amazon Fire TVs for playback on an HDTV.


I have read rumors they are going to open up ATV for third party apps in the next release.


We’ve heard that rumor as well @Sonicmeltdown… We’re hopeful this will come to fruition so we can do an app.

In fact, our client engineering guru recently sat down with Fast Company to chat about it:

Any updates on the new Apple TV app?

I’m sure they will post as soon as they have an update. They stated as recently as a couple of days ago on a different Apple TV thread that they had nothing new to share, that it was still a while from completion.

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Thanks! I will keep an eye here for future updates :wink:

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It’s now May 2016. Apple has an App Store for Apple TV, any idea when we will get a Tablo AppleTV app?


I’m pretty sure this is Vapor-Ware. I don’t think the Apple TV app is even out for beta testing yet.


We’re working on some final optimizations before gearing up for testing. Thanks for your patience everyone!


Monday, June 20th (first day of summer) just say’n :grin:

In all seriousness, your iOS developer(s) have my deepest sympathy


I was reluctant to buy the AppleTV 4 until the tablo app was out. I’m not sure what I was waiting for, because the plex app on the new Apple TV 4 works awesomely. Fast forwarding with the trackpad and preview, RF remote. That’s what I’ve found so far in the first two minutes of using It. Sorry let’s make that a Bluetooth remote.

I just installed Plex and while it’s a great interim solution, I’d prefer to access Tablo directly on my AppleTV. Removing a layer of UI makes it simpler (we’re dealing with 4 layers of UI here: TV > AppleTV > Plex > Tablo), and that helps make it easier for my family to access their shows on Tablo.

If others prefer to use Plex as their main gateway into their content, then great. Plex is good for that too.

I should add here that since I cut the cord, I’ve shown off my set up with Tablo to friends, and several have said they prefer to wait until there is a Tablo App in the AppleTV App Store.

I doubt that this is an isolated case, and that there are many others who are waiting for this development as well. Once that Tablo appletv app is released, expect Tablo sales to rise.

Please prioritize this! It will only help your bottom line by increasing sales!

Thank you.

Hoping someone can give an update on the AppleTV app. That demo video from CES in January looked pretty polished. What is the hold up?


It’s still in development. Hasn’t been released for beta testing yet. I really doubt there will be any “updates” until they’re ready for beta. It’s not summer yet, so they’re not officially late. They only said that the beta would be out “in the spring”.

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That is not true. They did not say beta. Read the announcement below. Of course, with their track record, it’s simply not reasonable to expect them to make the date.

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I think we have waited enough for the app. If Tablo app is not released on WWDC on June 13th I will start using the app Chammels with HDHomeRun device.

I agree. Not sure why it’s taking this long. It’s not like AppleTV 4 was a surprise platform.