New Amazon Firestick can’t load Tablo App


Hi everyone!

A fix will be pushed for this early next week. Thanks for bearing with us :slight_smile:

One note on the comments of Tablo being overly warm… Tablo is designed to have passive cooling which means it will run warmer than your average electronic device and that’s A-OK. More info here:


Does the Fire TV OS automatically install the fix or does the user need to delete and reinstall?



@Davebhc71 - It should update automatically unless you have that feature disabled.


Is the fix, regarding Tablo not working on New Fire Sticks, that was promised for early this week released yet? Will you post information here when it is released?


Hi everyone - We have pushed the fix but it can take up to 24 hours for it to appear in the app store. Stay tuned!


Hi Tablo. The fix is not working. I have the latest version as it shows the update date as 10/31/16. However, the interface is still stuck on prime time with basically no ability to navigate. Cleared cache and data, so that isn’t the issue. Please make this fix a high priority. Every day this is delayed it is costing me more $$ as I need this fixed before I “cut the cord” and stop paying my cable company. If you need more testers for this fix, I am willing to assist and that was my previous role at a high tech company.


Hi Tablo, let us know the ETA for a fix that works for this Fire Stick issue. I recently spent several hundred dollars on the 4-tuner Tablo, external hard drive, and Amazon Fire Sticks and Fire TV. My confidence in the reliability and responsiveness at TabloTV will keep diminishing as the days pass and I am unable to use this solution to get rid of my current cable TV provider.


I had to uninstall the app and reinstall but the fix is working for me! The app looks great nice job @TabloTV!


It is working fine for me! I have lousy DSL service & many trees & can’t find an antenna installer to save my life but between the new Amazon Stick with a leaf antenna I have TV !!! Thank-you Tablo !


Yup. Had to ‘delete’/reload and the problems seem to be gone. Will be doing more testing, but the Stick hardwired to the same hub as the Tablo seems to be only slightly slower than the Fire TV 2.

Thank you Tablo.


Glad to hear everyone is back in business! Enjoy your new Fire TV sticks!


It works! At first I got the Prime TV screen, but I did uninstall the app, and when I went back it was automatically installing the update. Thank you Tablo.


I don’t know what I did differently today than yesterday, but it is working now. Will keep testing. Thank you!!! One step closer to cutting the cord.


Mine is also working. I also had to uninstall the App and re-install it for it to work. That is minor though to get it working


Has Amazon disabled the app in their app store? When I attempt to download the Tablo for Fire Stick app it says my new Fire Stick is not compatible. Anyone else experiencing this?


@Danno_C - That’s odd. I just downloaded the app to a brand new 2nd gen Fire TV stick yesterday and it worked perfectly.

Is your new stick a 1st gen? Either way, it should be compatible.

Can you take a picture of the error message you’re getting and send it to the support team?


Yes, same problem here. My 2nd gen FireTV stick is listed as not compatible with the app (had the same issue with the Beta app as well).


Picture sent…


An additional piece to the puzzle:
The Tablo app installs fine if initiated from the FireTV Stick, even though the Amazon App store says it isn’t compatible and doesn’t show it as an installed app on the device.
No idea if this is strictly Amazon’s issue, or something involved with how the Tablo App is uploaded by you? :confused:


@ChrisFix This helps - thanks!

Has anyone had the app actually removed from the 2nd gen Fire stick?