New Amazon Firestick can’t load Tablo App


I had the issue originally with the Brand New Firestick. I just removed the old App, that was working, from my old Firestick and uploaded the newest App and now the old Firestick is having the same issue as the Brand new one/ It just shows my Recordings page, but doesn’t highlight anything and doesn’t work.

So, if you currently have a working app on your old Firestick, do not try and update it.


Is there any progress? I have had my Fire Stick for 5 days, so I’m hoping you are working on it and have some kind of time frame for getting the fix out?


Try sideloadimg Android version. People said it works. Yesterday they were still waiting on Fedex.


So how would you side load the android app.


Every device I own is Mac. Is there any way to side load from my devices?


See Sideliading Android apps

Providing you have an Android device or friend that does.


6 days since the release and still no fix for this issue …

Any good news, did you guys received the stick unit or still waiting for FedEx?

App Sideload didn’t work for me … still same problem


Good News!
Add me to the list of people who found Tablo in the Firestick 2 App store, got it working but am stuck on the Prime Time All screen. You can scroll up and down, left and right (but you have to guess or use trial and error to guess position as it doesn’t highlight). You cannot access the New, Genres, Channels sections of Prime Time or the Main Menu to get to Live TV, Recordings and other areas.
Next, I tried pairing a bluetooth mouse to the firestick 2. It didn’t seem to want to pair the first mouse I tried (which is very advanced. I may have forgotten how to enter pairing mode) so I tried an older, simpler bluetooth mouse and it paired. Although it worked a little slow and clunky, it let me access all menus and I could see what was highlighted. THIS IS A WORKAROUND until a better update comes out!! You can access live tv and recordings. The only problem I had was that once you start watching a live tv channel or recording, there is no way to escape out of it. I had to use the back key on the Firestick remote to get out of things.


How can you pair a Bluetooth mouse to firestick without an USB port in the firestick?


The Bluetooth is built into the Firestick so a USB is not needed for pairing. You just go to Settings=>Devices=>Bluetooth=>Add Device while your mouse is in pairing mode. You can pair bluetooth keyboards too.


Our stick has finally arrived! The fix is in QA at the moment.

We’ll update the thread once the update has been pushed.


Thank you!!! Eagerly standing by with 3x new FireStick’s that are non-operational!!!


I also have 2 new fire sticks and am patiently waiting for the fix. Will the updated app also work on prior fire sticks? I have one of the last models without voice and it works great. Don’t want to lose it.


As do I though I don’t use it often.


And this matters, why?


I too have 3 new firesticks and am waiting for this to be fixed. Any update?


Glad to read that I’m not the only one with 2 new firesticks that don’t work properly with tablo. I’m sure this will be fixed soon. Just “cut the cable” a week ago and bought 2 firesticks, an antenna and a tablo to meet our entertaining needs. I have the obvious same issues…no menu control other than the guess what show I’m clicking on situation. Thank you in advance to the tablo team for fixing this issue! Also, I just set my whole system up last night and in my quest to figure out why it wasn’t working properly picked up the tablo and I quickly realized how EXTREMELY HOT the bottom of the unit is! I will check it with an infrared thermometer just because the high heat is very concerning to me. I don’t hear a fan running inside the unit so I assume it doesn’t have one. Am I the only one with this issue?


No sir. My runs very hot as well. I’ve elevated it in an effort to get air circulating around the unit. Any other suggestions from the peanut gallery?


I think they all run hot. I got this shelf organizer from Amazon and it works really well.


i keep a thick cookie sheet under mine. it acts like a heat sink and whisks the heat away.