NEW - Amazon Fire TV Update (v. 1.0.29)

Hi folks -

Over the past week as Amazon began updating Fire TV firmware to we became aware of an issue where the Fire TV box (not stick) would not connect to Tablo while connected via Ethernet.

(For more on this issue, check out the related thread - RESOLVED - Fire TV software update - Tablo no longer usable)

Our engineers were able to determine this was caused by a change in Fire TV’s firmware which caused the Tablo app to fail to discover the correct network interface.

We were able to quickly create a fix and you should be receiving a Tablo app update (version 1.0.29) which will allow you to connect via Ethernet again.

Thanks for your help in troubleshooting this issue and your patience as we worked to resolve it.

Have a great weekend folks!

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AWESOME!!! :o) You guys rock!

Thanks for the fast fix. I’ve had my 4 tuner Tablo for 1 week now. Family loves it. Then a few days ago I was wondering why both my Ethernet connected 2nd gen. Five TV boxes wouldn’t connect. Learned through this forum what the issue was. Thank you.

How will I know when the update has been applied, and I can connect my Ethernet? Thanks for the fast work, and great product!

Thanks for the fix. I’m looking forward to getting the update.

Great to hear. I had to scramble to find another way to watch Tablo on my main tv. My family was close to mutiny and started giving me crap about cutting the cable and going to Tablo. I put Tablo on my Roku, instead of Amazon Fire…which was good, because I like the Roku app much better! The Amazon Fire app is sooooo much slower…even when wired. I’ve also found that I can do wifi on the Roku with Tablo, but there is a lot of buffering on the Amazon over wifi. I always had to wire connect on the Amazon, which was a problem with this bug. Anyway…this response is for those of you who haven’t tried the Roku app. I think it is muuuuuch better than Fire. Have a good one!

Got pushed the update to 1.0.29 today. Both Fire TV 2nd gen. boxes are now back on wired and Tablo working. Thanks again (Tablo) for the quick fix after Amazon’s update break. Wi-Fi work around was ok. We are happier wired to the router. Not much displeasure from the family on this hiccup, 2 weeks into our cord cutting!

Both of my gen1 FireTVs are still on Fire OS How long has been out? My last update was in early april.

The update starting rolling out on May 20, according to a post on AFTVnews:

My FireTVs have not updated yet either. I am not worried - mine always get updated long after the updates start rolling out. It seems Amazon rolls these out very slowly at first, then after a while (probably when they are convinced things are running smoothly), they roll out the rest. From what I have heard, while this update probably contains the new feature that allows voice commands to launch apps via Alexa - that feature has not been enabled yet, so there is not much to get excited about until Amazon enables it anyway.

@Vonda_Z Thank you. Looks like we were lucky in that regard. I have one box wired and one on wifi.

Three days. No update. Still on WiFi. :confused:

@MsMetaP - It should be available for you. Try deleting the app and re-adding it.

Thank you Tablo Support. Very please and impressed on the quick identification of the problem and pushing out a quick fix. I work in software development, so I know you can’t just push out a fix and hope it works. You had to identify, build, test and then deploy. Thanks for doing this so quickly.

Happy Customer!

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Fire TV stick quit connecting after Amazon updated on June 6 2016

Tried deleting and reinstalling, no luck.

Looks like Amazon is rolling out a revised version of Fire TV software update

Here’s another post about it. Notice in the comments that one Fire Stick user is complaining connectivity to a different app.

@Brent_F @MJL Let us know if you experience any changes once your Fire TVs have received their newest update!

How can we determine whether we have the “fix” from Tablo? I have a 2nd gen Fire TV box and it too seems to jump to wi-fi despite that we are wired–have to be to have decent reception. Thanks. I’ve had lots of problems with this.