Need to record NFL games for one team

I saw this posted several years ago, but we still don’t have this feature. I have the ability to set Tablo to record all NFL games, but I don’t want all NFL games. I want all games played by my team only. Without this feature, I have to remember to go in every week and set my own team’s game to record (can sometimes do it two weeks ahead). But I forgot to go in and record my team’s game today. I’m pretty disappointed that I have this cool device, and now I can’t watch my team’s football game.

What will it take to add this feature?


What you are basically asking for is selecting shows to record based on keywords. I would think it is a long-term goal by the Tablo developers, but I have no idea if they have even started looking at it or not.

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I see that it’s been 3 years since this was first posted…any progress on making this feature available?

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I still want this.

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You would think that if every DVR I’ve ever had can do this that it’s not that difficult, they should have plenty of time now that they have dropped commercial skip enhancements

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I’d record all the games and remove the ones I don’t want from the schedule. That way if you forget you can delete the recording later rather then face disappointment. It seems like this feature would be easy to implement though.

I have never had a DVR that could do that. Can you list the ones that can?

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Sure, from person experience the VIP622, VIP722 and Hopper from Dish, Genie from DTV and while doing research TIVO Edge. I was able to record just Browns games without any intervention from the early 2000’s, Hopper is a great DVR but not worth the cost at this point ,for me but I miss those 16 tuners at times, lol

There you go. You have possible alternative DVR products.

Thanks. It appears the Dish Hopper had a “seek and record” feature, where you could enter keywords (like your team name) to search and record on. I did mention in my 2019 post that the Tablo doesn’t have that feature, and who knows if it ever will.

Suggesting corded DVRs with a record by keyword is synonymous with scheduling selected NFL teams for sporting events?

Don’t cable corps (along with satellite) have millions to spend on rented equipment?

It seems to me that if you record all new NFL games you will eventually go to the NFL tab under recordings. And when you see a number of games that aren’t you favorite team, it couldn’t that much effort to delete the ones you don’t want.

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16? How many per DVR? To be honest 4 tuners handles 99% of the time for me although I wish Tablo had a 5 tuner model to cover that other 1%.

I would love that feature! I may try to add something like that to my home automation software. I’d have it send me suggestion notifications.

It’s quite possible that such a “matcher” would need to go into the “episode” description. Also, as in many cases, that metadata fluctuates greatly (gets better as you get closer to the air time). So, conflicts could occur very very late in the scheduling process (you have been warned).

APL-Tablo has an auto record feature, I believe the only 3rd party to have recording features.

I agree, it seem lacking to only search by title, and not add to schedule.

Only one, each hopper has 16 tuners, yes you are correct 4 are enough 99 percent of the time but it was nice having extras. I think the most I ever used, in 5 years, was 6 and 1 was to watch while recording 5

I go to Sports, NFL, Events and record only the games you want. As of today (10-5) it goes to 10-17 the Monday night game.

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That is too logical.

This would be nice. Until a couple years ago I was a TiVo user, and TiVo had keyword search recordings. I had a recording set up to record “Buffalo Bills” as I didn’t need all the other NFL games recorded. I suppose it’s possible that it would have recorded other non sporting events that mentioned Buffalo Bills in the description, but I don’t think it ever did.

Now I have Tablo set to record all NFL games and I have to delete a bunch of unneeded ones. No big deal, I just delete everything when I’m done watch my team.