Need to record NFL games for one team

Is this a Feature yet?

I’ll throw my 2 cents into this discussion. I’ve love to be able to record sports games for a specific team. YouTube TV does this easily. I like being able to record, say, all the UEFA Euro 2024 games, as I’m interested in all of them (even if I might not watch all of them).

How much did YouTube TV cost you per month.

The monthly sub for YTTV is pretty well known at $73. Are you saying because we don’t pay a monthly fee to use our Tablos we should not have comparable features? I would think that having comparable features one does not have to pay for would be a big feature for the device.

If Tablo can’t complete with on some basic features, like this thread is discussing, then why should people buy it?

Do you think R&D development is free. Software developers work for free. There are legacy features missing from the gen 4.

A user is paying $100 for a 2-tuner and $140 for a 4-tuner with no subscription fee. The fully burdened cost of an experienced software R&D developer in canada must be above $150K+(CAD)

Of course software development isn’t free. I know that. In addition to the costs you mentioned above, Scripps is also making money off the ads they run on the FAST channels.

I’m not saying a feature like this should be finished and released in an hour. All I’m saying is having more features like this will increase the market competitiveness of the device. And the more people who buy Tablos, the more Scripps will make from their FAST channels which hopefully can drive more software/firmware development.

The gen 4 is still basically an OTA DVR. It’s added some FAST channels that can be recorded. But if you watch linear FAST channels why would you use the gen 4. Roku Live TV has 400, Pluto 250, and 400 on freevee. 6 or 7 of them are actual Scripps FAST channels where some are also OTA. So how much monetization is tablo making from FAST channels.

I installed 2.2.52 and tried to record some movies from FAST channels. I’m 0 for 10. Time for the gen 4 to take another power nap.

While this would be a nice feature, the Tablo devs have had 10 years to consider implementing a “record by tag” system and haven’t done it.

It’s not impossible, but I can’t imagine the devs having any time to do so since it would be a major change to the UI.

What percentage of the users really need this. Aren’t there other “nice” features that a larger percentage of users would benefit from.

We can agree that this bug is the biggest one that needs to be fixed right now. Not being able to record off FAST channels makes the device less capable.

Being able to record an individual sports team’s games, verses a full league is a “nice to have feature” for the future.

That is what the surveys are for.

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Do you think all those users who got OTA metv toons channel with no guide need a survey to indicate they needed the manual recording feature until the guide shows up and is correct.

Tivo, YouTube TV, I believe FireTV Recast did this (had one a couple years. This is not an advanced function.