down? Beta site works fine

I haven’t been able to get the normal site to work with Chrome on PC this morning. The beta site works normally. Anyone else?

@IllBeDarned - Working fine for me just now. Can you try again?

It was down briefly. So was (related??)

Nope, still no go. The guide comes up and I can select a channel, then the program art appears but the spinning circle just spins and never loads the channel.

Uh… what I meant was (sorry) Mytablo is working (just checked)

Apparently I’m not the only one: (not sure how to link other posts but…) Tablo not working on Windows 7 PC

Actually there was an update to chrome today on my Mac and then it does what you say above in Chrome, but I can watch at the beta site.

Same problem here starting last night. Still broken.

Tablo connects OK, shows guide, recordings, etc. All normal until you try to stream anything. Then, just the spinning wheel forever.

Using does work though.

Thanks to AceConrad for catching this:

Seems the new version of Chrome breaks it. Roku, Android, Chrome…Who ya gonna call? Tablo Busters! :laughing: