Must Reboot 4 Tuner Tablo periodically in order to Record Shows

I thought that the issue with the Tablo not recording scheduled shows was fixed in an earlier firmware patch. It seems like my tablo will record shows fine for a period of time, then stop recording shows until i do a hard reboot, then it records shows as normal. Has anybody else experienced this behavior?

Let me know


This could be caused by many things.

When it does not record your shows, does the Tablo report an error? Such as weak signal or HDD full?

When it has not recorded shows, have you logged into the Tablo interface and checked to see if it reports the HDD is connected? HDD disconnects can also cause this problem.

I did check and the hard drive was not disconnected. The hard drive that I have connected is 3TB and maybe 5% full so there is enough space available. I did check the stations and the signal strength is strong. Where in the interface do you check to see if there are recording errors?

Hi @spraggavi, if you have a netgear R7000 router you might look at this tablo forum dialog “I need to reboot every week. Any idea why? (RESOLVED)” . I was having similar problems with tablo reboot and tablo missed recordings. I have only applied the recommendation for a week but so far it feels better.

Hey @js98 thanks for the suggestion. The router that I have is an Asus RT-N66u Dark Knight. I have updated to its latest firmware within the last month or so but I’ve only had my tablo about a month and a half so not sure that would be the issue. It shows up on my network but doesn’t have a dedicated IP address. Does having a dedicated IP address make any difference?

I can understand a show not recording because of a bad signal, but all my stations have strong signals. I don’t want to have to babysit the device in order to make sure the recordings happen, that is its primary function.

I would highly recommend setting DHCP reservations for all you equipment - Tablo, Roku, iPad, NP. I have about 40 things on my LAN and all are reserved - that way no confusion at all.

@spraggavi If you continue to have this issue, don’t hesitate to send our support team a ticket.