I need to reboot every week. Any idea why? (RESOLVED)

About once per week, someone in my family complains about the Tablo not working. Going through Roku3, it lists ‘tablo-dual’, which means it hasn’t found my Tablo. So… I go through the process while everyone in the household waits… reboot the router, wait 2 minutes, then go down to the cellar and click the reset button on the Tablo, then back upstairs to restart the Roku. Does anyone else experience this consistently? Why is it happening?

Netgear Nighthawk R7000 router
Fios 75/75 (speedtest.net clocks it at 85/85)
Tablo dual w/ 1TB WD Elements HD (wired) - bought 12/2015
Roku3 (wired)

If you changed your Tablo’s name from the default, tablo-dual, then your Roku will display tablo-dual name, if your tablo crashed, and is rebooting.
Sounds like your Tablo crashed, rebooted, and isn’t coming back up all the way.

Recommend you open a support ticket to have Tablo Support examine your Tablo logs.
They’ll ask you to place your Tablo into heartbeat mode by quickly pressing your Tablo’s reset button 3 times.
The blue light will flash twice quickly over and over again, when it’s in heartbeat mode.
They’ll be able to remotely connect to your Tablo to check out what’s happening.

This sounds like normal behavior. Can’t you just click “connect” without going through the restart process?

Tablo has internal conflicts which cause all manner of strange things to happen. My tablo decides to not network pretty regular as well. I look at my devices going through my router and when this happens and tablo simple isn’t there. I have a dedicate address setup for tablo, so nothing is trying to compete for the address. Tablo just decides not to do networking. All it takes is a reboot on the tablo and networking works fine until tablo decides to cool it’s heels again.


Yes @marjamar, that is exactly what I experience… It simply drops off of my network map.

I have put mine on a laptop cooling fan and it has not needed rebooting in more than 2 weeks.

@jimzix, About a week after I hooked it up, the heat felt excessive to me (even though Support says it’s normal). I figured a cooler environment couldn’t hurt, so I moved it to the cellar where it is typically between 50 and 60 degrees. The temp seems fine now, and like I said, it’s hard-wired so it’s not a wifi issue. I thought it may be an issue with the router, but why would only the Tablo drop off and not any other wired and/or wireless devices?

I adopted the laptop fan cooler shortly after buying tablo. In my case, it has nothing to do with normal heat range, it’s more like someone who trips over their own feet when they walk. Timing issues, coordination issues, overhead issues. It could be any of these types of things and more that contributed to hard faults that require a reboot to resolve.

I also have problems with tablo causing linux bases systems to lockup when doing much of anything with tablo using Google Chrome. Windows has no problems like this when accessing tablo in Chrome. What it has problems with is lip-sync in live playback.

Like I have said a few times here, All I can really say I like about tablo is Tablo Ripper! And tablo didn’t make Tablo Ripper, CycleJ did.


Have you started a ticket with @TabloSupport so they can remote in and look at your logs?

No. I plan to do that the next time it happens. The issue I have is that I believe I must be at the unit to help facilitate their retrieval of the logs. Unfortunately, I am almost never home during their business hours. Anyway, I am sure I’ll be pinging them this week or next when it happens again.

Once you put your Tablo into remote mode, it should stay like that until a power or internet interruption so you don’t need to be right there at the time.

Good to know… Thanks!

Yeah, just put your Tablo into heartbeat mode, so support can remote connect to it.
3 quick reset button presses.
Your Tablo’s light will repeatedly flash twice quickly, like a heartbeat.
You can use your Tablo as normal while it’s in this mode.

Heads up @Radojevic (and anyone else sharing this process) it’s not a good idea to put your Tablo in this mode without touching base with our support team directly. Without coordinating this, we won’t know that your Tablo is waiting for diagnostics.

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I’m a little late to this thread but I do know there were issues with the Nighthawk R7000’s latest firmware. (1.0.6.x; can’t remember the rest of the version string) Netgear has since pulled it for the time being. Only 1.0.4.x and below firmwares are available right now.

Just an FYI.

This was implied.

Thanks @Warunicorn. I am currently on 1.0.6.x. I will downgrade this weekend.

UPDATE: After downgrading my Netgear Nighthawk R7000 router from 1.0.6.x to, I have had zero issues over the past month.


Thanks for posting this @Mark1 and @Warunicorn . I have been having to reboot the Tablo lately and I have the same router and rev. I am applying the downgrade as you suggested. It would never have occurred to me to look at the router firmware if I had not seen your post. Thanks again.

I’m having this exact same issue with the same equipment. I have to restart daily. I would like to start a ticket to let the Tablo staff look to see what’s going on. My Netgear R7000 firmware is the 1.4.xx that is suggested ITT. I recently completed a hard reset to see if that would help. Nada