MS crippling Windows Media Center

MS, in their infinite wisdom, are disabling the service that provides meta data to Windows Media Center:

As disappointing as this is, it shouldn’t be too surprising.

. It’s Microsoft
. Fewer computers / Windows “devices” are on the market.
. Overwhelming music comes from streaming services.
. It’s Microsoft

But I understand. We get comfortable with our systems, set up to suit our needs the way we like it… Then something changes and we have to figure out another way.

Understand, that has nothing to do with DVR guide data.

Windows Media Center can handle all of your personal music and movies in addition to being a DVR. It’s what you make of it. Guide data will continue for the DVR.

That MS are not providing metadata for users’ personal music and movies is irrelevant with respect to discussing DVRs, and most importantly it’s not “crippling” Media Center with respect to its continuing to be a DVR–which is the relevant discussion in this forum, as Tablo is simply a DVR as well and is not a general purpose media manager.

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Guess I should have mentioned I’m not the one who coined it crippled…

I’m surprised it took them this long. M$ usually abandons their products way earlier.

I believe Windows Media Center was put on the chopping block and maybe then they decided to bring back (Windows 10)

M$ will probably bring back in form of subscription.

That HotHardware thing is nothing but clickbait fake news, invented out of thin air.

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Yes. I’ve been expecting them to discontinue the Guide. I’ve been using Win 7 and Media Center with a HDHomerun for almost 10 years…recently it began pixelating and dropping recordings and live TV…

I purchased a Tablo 4 Tuner this week and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!
No Pixelation or dropouts so far…


They aren’t discontinuing the guide.

Your pixelating and dropping recordings and live TV has to do with the old and well-worn hard drive in your rig, nothing more. Replace the hard drive, problems disappear.

The same thing will happen with your Tablo. Or with your Plex DVR. Or with your Silicon Dust DVR. Or…

Sorry Adam, but I don’t believe you. Carry on.
Are you an apologist troll or MS Employee or something?

The drive I installed on my Tablo is the oldest, most well worn portable drive I own.
Though I’m likely to get a new bigger one at some point for my Tablo which I’m loving!


Just note - generally upgrading to a bigger drive means you will not be able to keep the recordings on your old drive. So you might want to upgrade sooner rather than later.

There are unofficial unsupported ways to migrate to a larger drive (search the forums for the proper thread).

Yes, thanks. I realize that so am just trialing things at the moment, trying different recording resolutions, etc. etc.
Will probably get a new more permanent drive in the next few weeks. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

In this day and age, anyone who doesn’t agree with your worldview–regardless of how you got your worldview–must by definition be a “troll”.

Your WMC rig was old and had an old hard drive. It did not start pixelating and dropping channels/recordings out of the blue for no reason.

You’re not only a troll, but you don’t have a clue. Let me explain something to you. The dropouts are the Tuner Dropping the signal it has absolutely nothing to do with the hard drive. The lost recordings are because the signal dropped. Quit being stupid. I’ve worked in the Computer and Electrical Engineering field for nearing 50 year and have been a radio engineer even longer. Please learn to think before you shoot off your mouth about situations and people you know nothing about.

@kennyc Try to not to take it personally. Most people on the forum here are friendly and try to be helpful. Some individuals just like to antagonize people endlessly for no reason, or:


Your tuner has died? Really?

Gee, you could have replaced your tuner…

Thanks for your CV. That’s very important when evaluating your lack of communication skills.

And I know you believe that MS is discontinuing the TV guide data, but you have no proof of that in any way, shape, or form. No doubt your beliefs are the result of your having “worked in the Computer and Electrical Engineering field for nearing 50 year and have been a radio engineer even longer”. THAT’S certainly a qualification to invent something like this out of thin air and declare it to be factual.

And if you and 86 feel “antagonized,” that’s on you and your thin skins and lack of clear communication with the outside world.

As long as we continue to get clear communication with the outside world from you, I, personally, will feel safe.

Yes. Exactly. I just don’t want others to fall for the fake news. LOL!

One more thing I’ll add just to point out the error of his claim. It only happens for some channels. If it were due to the hard drive it would be happening to all channels. It is clearly a signal strength / tuner sensitivity issue and the Tablo tuner (split four ways even in mine) is significantly better than the HdHomerun tuner.

And with that I’m done dealing with Mr. Know it All. :slight_smile:


@adam1991 makes some valid points in his various discussions. Unfortunately his aggressive approach offsets them in some cases.