MS crippling Windows Media Center


Thanks Nilex, yes he is quite the idiot as I see it. He would do well to take some civility lessons. Not sure if there is a way to Block/Ignore users here but He should be.



You are NOT disagreeing with @kennyc, you were shaming him. Saying the problems were

His old outdated equipment, AMEN.

And his inferior choices, thus declares the WorldView! LongLive W7MCE!

Your conclusion that a clear signal arrives and the drive can’t store it, not giving any other errors… is beyond not having a clue type conclusion.

You don’t disagree with anyone, you tell everyone they are wrong - how terrible their perspective is aka shaming/bullying.


Individual tuners, which are easily replaced same for same.

Of course, I’m taking it on face value that his tuners died. HE thinks so, but he decided that–how? Using what methodology? And went with it.


How long have you been an active user of 7MC? How many rigs have you built and worked with? Are you an active member of the community?

Your assumption that it must give other errors is…well, not correct.

says the guy joining in on the group to try to “shame/bully” me. Have you no self respect?


Ummm hmmm… there’s at least one of more like him on every forum… Sad.