Most Recent recordings view missing from Windows 10 Tile app

I’ve used the Tablo web app for years and am moving to the Windows 10 Tile app. I’m very disappointed to see that it no longer has a view of my Most Recent recordings. :frowning:

Is this an oversight, or a bug, or what?

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Until now the Windows 10 app hasn’t had any updates since like 2019 according to a Tablo Support post so I suspect it is just because they weren’t maintaining the app so they didn’t add new filters. This post indicates they plan to release an entire new app with a new code base sometime in the fall. NEW - Tablo Windows 10/Xbox App Update (v.1.9.9)

That’s some helpful context, thanks. The warning message on the chromium browsers is what led me to make this change. Hopefully this is a feature they decide to include in the update.


That’s the plan! Stay tuned.