More than one MAC address on the 4 Tuner Tablo

It is hard to maintain my remote access if the Tablo reboots or I reboot it and it gets a different MAC address. I am assuming it is switching between the Ethernet MAC to the Wireless MAC. I have my router setup with a static IP for the Tablo for a certain MAC and most of the time it works however sometimes when I reboot it connects with a new MAC and my remote access fails.

The Tablo is setup with Ethernet and connected directly into the Uverse router.
Below is my Uverse info and the different MAC address it gest sometimes.

System Information
Type Value
Manufacturer Pace Plc
Model 5268AC
Serial Number 45141N112942
Hardware Version 260-2173300
Software Version
Key Code 52HP-2374-2262-22AT-F2BQ
First Use Date September 26, 2015
Current Date Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Current Time 11:43:32 AM
Time Zone Central Standard Time
Time Since Last Boot 10 days 0:15:58
DSL Modem A2pvbF039k2.d24n
Device Access Code Default Access Code

Device Information
Type Value
Connection Type Ethernet
IP Address
LAN IP Address Allocation DHCP
IP Address Type Private (NAT)
Hardware Address 50:87:b8:00:38:0a
SSID n/a
Status On

Device Information
Type Value
Connection Type Ethernet
IP Address ::
LAN IP Address Allocation DHCP
IP Address Type Private (NAT)
Hardware Address 00:0e:8e:52:5f:33
SSID n/a
Status Off

Of course, wifi and ethernet port are two different MAC addresses

But if you have it hard wired it should be the same one, it would not switch between mac addresses

I agree, however it is showing a second MAC from time to time. I have tested it with more than one DHCP server and
here is another example of MAC addresses from the Tablo.
You can see the 50 MAC address is pretty consistent however the second one tends to be random.

MAC addresses registered with another DHCP server

Did you ever setup wifi on Tablo? Maybe there is something going on there?
Might want to open a support ticket

How do you know those 00: addresses are from the Tablo?

The 50:87:b8:00:38:0a address is consistent between your reports and is the right prefix for the ethernet port, at least. I’ve never tried to see my Tablo Wifi MAC address.

You’re reporting two different MAC addresses as “alternates” from the Tablo, and that’s impossible. It’ll have two MAC addresses TOTAL. The second one can’t change. So those addresses are probably coming from something else on your network.

When I connect to the Tablo and check settings, it is showing the IP address from the DHCP server. That is why it does not make sense.

I am just thinking wifi kicks in (assuming you set it up at one time) instead of hardwired sometimes… Shouldn’t but you never know what is happening

When I connect to the Tablo and check settings, it is showing the IP address from the DHCP server. That is why it does not make sense.

You mean that the router is showing that MAC address is associated with the IP address that the Tablo is reporting? Can you post a screenshot of the router window?

What OS you running? If you’re on OSX (Mac), open a terminal window and do:


I don’t know if Windows includes an arp equivalent.


No I never setup up my wireless. I live in a cul de sac so my 2.4Ghz is very noisy and I do not have enough coverage to utilize 5Ghz at this time. I will look into opening a support ticket. Thanks for going back and forth with me on this. It just did not make any sense to me knowing how networks work.

Are you using a DHCP reservation for the Tablo? Or for other devices?

It really sounds to me like your router is doing something screwy.


Unfortunately I can not at this time since I have rebooted the Tablo to get the remote portion working again. Both my DHCP servers were Uverse router and a Cisco 3750E switch.

This is what is currently showing on my switch.
3750-Switch#s ip arp
Protocol Address Age (min) Hardware Addr Type Interface
Internet 0 5087.b800.380a ARPA Vlan2

I thought it was my Cisco Switch at first but since it did it again with the Uverse router, it is now pointing more at the Tablo and not my DHCP servers.

Wait. You have DHCP enabled on both the router and the switch? Bad, bad idea.

Your switch is reporting the correct data.

I know better than to have 2 DHCP servers. :slightly_smiling:

I had my DHCP service being ran on the Cisco switch first until I got fed up and changed to the Uverse router figuring it was a bug in the Cisco switch.

I thought you meant simultaneously, not sequentially.

You’re using VLANs? Hmm. The bogus MAC address might be a VLAN artifact. Can you disable the VLANs for the port the Tablo is connected to?

What I can do is move the Tablo to the port on the Uverse router that way VLANs are removed and see if that fixes it. I really do not want to use VLAN 1 since it is vulnerable.

That sounds like a plan. You have your access points/guest network on VLAN1? I use UniFi APs which tunnel the guest devices direct to the router, so I haven’t had to try to do a VLAN for that.

I do not use VLAN 1 at all. I use a wireless controller for my wireless network so I route separate guest, family and lab network. I am similar to what you have setup since I am using CAPWAP but it is nice for each SSID to have their own VLAN on the network.

Thanks for everyone help in bouncing off ideas. Hopefully moving the Tablo to a port on the Uverse router will resolve this by removing VLANs out of the equation.