More than one MAC address on the 4 Tuner Tablo

When you do a “sh arp | inc” in your 3750, does it show an entry as incomplete at all? I can’t imagine that having seperate vlans would matter at all. That 000f.2322.dcaa is a Cisco-owned MAC address (, so it’s prob not coming from the Tablo - but it’s curious that you’re seeing it attached to that IP address. I’d be curious what your entire ARP table looks like in your Layer 3 device (assuming it’s the 3750)


That MAC address is from Cisco.
Probably your network switch.

It’s not your imagination, same thing happened to me. I always use static ip address for devices that need port forwarding, always use ethernet. I discovered I could not connect to tablo remotely but could on LAN. I checked my tablo’s ip address and it had changed, checked the MAC address and it was different. Set up the new IP address as static and adjusted port forwarding. problem solved but I’m baffled. This all happend after all devices lost connection, including rokus, tablo reboot solved it but each device needed to search again. Looking back makes sense. weird though.

The Tablo DVR has 2 network interfaces (wired and wireless) hence the 2 MAC addresses.


This is correct and the MAC address written on the bottom of the Tablo is only for the Ethernet port. The wireless MAC address is different.