Missing seasons and episodes

I installed Tablo Ripper a week and a half ago. I have a out two thousand episodes of various programs to rip. After one and half weeks it as ripped 1,125 episodes and does not see the rest. As tp programs, the episodes ripped are hit and miss,

How do I get it to rip the ones that it has missed?

Tablo Ripper is just a client of the Tablo itself. The episodes that it can’t download, are you able to watch those through authorized channels? Can you log onto your Roku (insert favorite media platform) and go into your recordings and watch them? If not, Tablo Ripper won’t be able to do anything more.

I watch the videos on an Apple iPad. I do not a roku ( I wish I did - your software does not skip commercials on the iPad Pro - I am an an anxiously awaiting that feature)I have not handy problems watching any of the recorded videos. I am very happy with your product. I have a four tuner version, having upgraded from a two tuner. My tenants also have a four tune unit which I recommended to them.

How should I contact the author of Tablo Ripper for instructions on getting the ripper to recognize the unriiped files?

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Tablo Ripper processes recordings in the order they were recorded. While I haven’t stress-tested it to the extent that you are now, there are no “built-in” limits to the number of shows it’ll rip.

The sheer number of shows probably makes it difficult to manually reconcile what’s been ripped already, but unprocessed shows should show up as “new” if you apply that filter. I’m in agreement with @LJ_LongWing, if you can’t watch them, you won’t be able to rip them.

It doesn’t matter “how” you watch them, it’s more a matter of “do they really exist” on your Tablo. Occasionally, the Tablo recording list won’t match the data actually present on your hard drive. If that happens, it may appear you have shows that aren’t actually available to watch/rip.

Hope that helps.

PS: @Nilex is correct - I only monitor the primary TabloRipper thread. That’s how to get my attention when you have questions.

All of the unprocessed recordings are watchable. How do I apply the filter?

I am recording shows off of MeTV and they are generally coming in in episode order. If you would like to see screen shots of what was processed and what was recorded I can supply a sample as I have sorted the ripped recordings into appropriate folder structures.

There’s a checkbox above the “Tablo Recording” list for “New?”. If checked, you’ll see the recordings that’ll be ripped automatically. Do your missing recordings show up in that list?

Select one (or more) missing recordings and rip them manually. What happens?

It’s also possible you’re not waiting long enough - ripping hundreds of recordings takes time.

When I click on “new” no titles come up. I know that it is a slow process as it took almost two weeks to process 1,125 episodes. It stopped ripping several days ago.

During the process we had a major power outage due to a thunderstorm. Could that have caused it? Is there way to re-label all of the files on the Tablo hard drive as new? Do you have some kind of file that says what is new, and, if so, would deleting that file cause the process to start fresh?

Given there are no “new” episodes, my advice would be to rip the missing episodes manually.

Yes, there is a file you could delete to set everything as “new”, but do you really want to start over from scratch?

Is there a way to edit the file?

Otherwise, I think the most efficient way for me would be to start from scratch as there almost 1,000 files to go yet.

Note: no new files have been ripped in the last three days, even though at least 20 new files have bee recorded since the, and yes, it is set for background operation.

Take a look in “C:\Program Data\TabloRipper” and you’ll see several files used by the program. You’re looking for the “completed” file, and while it’s editable using Notepad, the information contained within probably won’t make sense to you. If you delete that file, all recordings will be considered “new” the next time you open the program.

Good luck!


I’ll let you know how it goes.

A heads up on my progress. As I had already sorted all of the ripped files into folders by séries americanas and season, I am finding that the quickest way to is to select one series at a time and quickly delete the file names that I have all ready ripped. On a program that over 130 episodes it took me about 10 minutes to delete the names of the ripped files from the selected list and the start the ripping process. I plan to do this series by series. It will still take a while, but I will shave at least a week of 24/7 ripping from the project.

That sounds like a great approach - tedious - but you’ll get there!

As I am only doing one series at a time -nit is a very quick process. I select the episodes for one series, delete the duplicates and then start ripping. It is ripping that takes time. I just check the computer every few hours.

One more question: once I am done with all of the series, what is left over now needs to shown as ripped - not new. Is there a way to do that?

I have to complete an update to my software application (www.ruok.com - Are You OK?® ). But it will not be all consuming, so if you are interested I could try to write a manual for Tablo Ripper. It would require a lot of back and forth between us. I would be doing it for fun - I’m retired.

If you are interested I can be reached at orders@ruok.com.

Good approach. There’s really no point in starting over when you’re most of the way there.

When you successfully rip a show - either automatically or manually - it’s marked as “completed”, removing it from the “new” list.

Have you navigated thru the TabloRipper Wiki? If you’d be interested in contributing improvements, please send me a PM and let’s discuss it. I’m no longer actively developing the program, but any assistance with “support/documentation” is welcome.

What language did you write it in?|

The Wiki is hosted on GitHub and here is a link to the syntax.

That appears to be a formatting program. I was looking for the computer language that you wrote you app in such as basic, c+, pearl, etc

Sorry, I thought we were talking about documentation. The program is written in C#.