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I’ve had minor issues to date with my Tablo, however this past Sunday stung a little. Set my Tablo to record the Packers vs. St Louis game. Came home and found it had not recorded (I checked the settings before leaving home). The trouble continued when 4 other primetime shows did not record. That being said I am reminded that I am not paying $100+ a month for Dishnetwork and I can tolerate a few bugs knowing the Tablo folks are working hard to resolve it the right way. So hang in there folks. My wife actually help resolve the problem, she said just unplug it for 5 minutes. I did this while programs I had set to record were not appearing. When I plugged the Tablo back in, the shows appeared and were recording. I’ve had Tablo for 6+ months and am happy with the product…PS Tablo fast track the repairs for the Roku Chirp and the shows not recording. GO PACK GO!

Yes, they are aware of this issue. They have a fix in 2.2.5 which is currently in v2 of its beta.

I assume you’re running 2.2.2?

Yes I am currently on version 2.2.2 you stated 2.2.5 is in v2 beta. Not sure what that means, but appreciate your info. Do you know when they plan to roll out the new version? Again many thanks

Well it is now in v3 of beta, so the hope is that it is released to everyone soon. I assume in the next week or two weeks - this is pure speculation on my part though, I do not have privy to that information nor do I work for Tablo.

The last post in this thread ( Really Mad - Failed to Record AGAIN ) tells users how to request the beta firmware if you are struggling with the lost recordings issue. I requested the beta and for the last two days, my shows have been recording flawlessly, including a very busy Wednesday night schedule. It did not bring back my lost recordings, though (not sure if it was supposed to) but I am just relieved I don’t have to keep checking to make sure all my shows are recording anymore.

As a side note, I have noticed that since upgrading the firmware, that the delete function is much more responsive than it used to be. That was a pleasant surprise.

Note that when I was having this problem, I found that if the show was going to fail, the thumbnail does not appear in the Recordings section even though it is showing in the guide list that it is recording (orange scheduled icon in the corner and channel number flashing red). If I saw the thumbnail was missing at the beginning of a show, I stopped the recording and started it again and it would record from that point on (with the thumbnail showing up right away in the Recordings section). If I caught it in the middle of a show, I did not stop the recording because that would only record from that point on. Instead, I went to watch live and rewound all the way back to the beginning of the episode. Unfortunately, there were several shows that I was not home to babysit and those shows just got lost.

If you were having the same problem as others, where the shows actually recorded but they don’t show in the recordings list; it’s bad that the recordings still don’t show. They are taking space on your hard drive.

I just got a new version of the Beta and with this version, I can now access all of the missing recordings.

Nice which was this, v4 of the beta?

How do you get a beta update?

Fill out this form requesting the Beta firmware because of missing recordings and they will send the update to your Tablo.


Once I did that, I received subsequent Beta updates automatically.

Unfortunately, I did not write down which version of the Beta it was that allowed me to access the lost recordings and it does not seem to be available from the Settings screen of the Tablo (just says 2.2.5), so I am not sure which version I currently have.

You will have v4 of the beta or else it would be prompting you to update every time you connected to the Tablo. They released it on Friday.

They also will only release the most up to date beta, so even if you asked for v1 of the 2.2.5 beta you wouldn’t get it.

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How many versions of the bata will they do before a release? I’d like to request it but no since if they are going to release an update soon. Plus I don’t really want it to make things worse.

Got the beta. Couple of the recordings that were missing appeared, actually at first 20 or so of them, then 5 after the second update. Then tonight, going down into the list of episodes brought up just a blank page. It’s comical what a mess this is. Will it work? Odds are literally < 50/50 on any given day.

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No, you are wrong. A beta for a fix of a single reproducible bug should only have a change from the release in that one piece of functionality. You see, the source code should have been tagged at the prior release, then the attempted fix for the regression put on a branch with all else left the same. Clearly these guys don’t know how to do source control either. And you running around offering your absurd dust cover helps, as usual, zero.

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