Missed Recordings - Power Failure

New situation tonight - 3 shows set to record on local network stations. NCIS @ 7, NCIS New Orleans & Agents of Shield at 8. At about 8:55 we had a small power glitch that was just enough to shut reset everything.

I am not sure what happens in a situation like this, but none of these 3 recordings are showing up in the “recordings” menu. Not even the 1 hour show that was done recording almost 1 hour before the power glitch.

I have set a couple of more things to tape later this evening, and they have recorded fine. What can be expected if something like this happens again? Isn’t it odd that all 3 shows are not on the list? I would have assumed that the 2 shows would be there, but cut short. Or maybe something similar to our old Dish DVR which would resume recording and have it in 2 chunks.

Any insight into this is appreciated.

What firmware is on your Tablo?

Here is what is supposed to happen. This functionality was added almost a year ago: NEW Firmware Release - 2.1.18

NEW – Resume recording feature

  • After a power failure Tablo will resume any recordings still in progress.
  • Two recordings will be created for the interrupted airing – one from before and one from after the interruption event.
  • Additionally, if there is another airing of the show in the next 14 days, your Tablo will automatically reschedule this recording. Tablo will also reschedule recordings interrupted by reception problems.
  • In order for Tablo to reschedule a later airing, you must have the Smart Scheduling feature ‘Don’t record duplicates’ enabled.
  • If the later airing(s) create conflicts, they will be placed within the conflicts screen where if you wish you can unschedule the conflicting programs.
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I can confirm the above process works as it happened to me last week and I have two recordings on my Tablo for the one episode.

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Thank you snowcat, this is exactly what I expected. Instead I have a whole nights recordings missing altogether.

I wonder if a ticket should be opened to further discuss this.

Yes if you’re on the 2.2.5 beta I would definitely open a Support Ticket to have them look at your logs, maybe you found a new bug. 2.2.2 had a bug where recordings would record but then not show up in the recordings listing, aka be in purgatory. 2.2.5 was supposed to fix that.

I was looking at my new router, and made the discovery that the router defaulted to being in GMT. With problems people have been having about missed recordings, I thought I would bring that up. If you recently got a new router, or never set the time zone in the router, it might not be local time. I also put in the time server (see http://www.pool.ntp.org/en/use.html) so that IF the power goes down, the router would get the correct time. I need to RTFM about all the features of this router. It is more advanced than my previous one. I got the TP Link AC 1750 v2 that wirecutter.com recommended as the router for most. There is a newer version of this router, but cost a lot more and since it’s just me, this is plenty of bandwidth. I only have 50 down and 5 up.