ME.TV in Toledo Ohio Changing Channels

Be alert if you have series recordings ME.Tv is moving to channel 13.4 and leaving 11.2. The guide data has not changed over yet so nothing will record starting the 1st of October. You will need to resetup series recordings. 13.4 still shows as the Ion channel. Hopefully 11.2 will become Laff TV as Toledo still does not have that station.

nope -

Not entirely true. All the listing on 11.2 past 6am 10/01 are for programming from Justice Network. Past this time, there are no programing for MeTV showing up on 11.2 - at least that’s what I"m getting.

Do you have any reference that 13.4 is changing? I haven’t been able to substantiate it, just one vague comment. Now this, but you didn’t even see the Justice TV Network commercials or announcement, hoping for Laff TV.

Its a banner message on the toledo website. It says they are moving to 13.4. t also says its moving to channel 113 on Buckeye cable

Thanks greatly!! I will miss ION TV a bit, but having MeTV is so waay more important!! and just in time for the Flintstones!!

Yes, may have to do some creative manual scheduling until things get organized. I know the 11.2 disaster was decided weeks or a month ago, the 13.4 was fairly new.

The universe is in harmony again :peace_symbol:

Rescan your channels and re download the guide and everything has been updated. Series recordings did carry over for me today.

Yes, I had a manual recording to catch AM recordings on 13.4 until I got it fixed early this morning.

Unless you specify a channel, or new (which will presumably be a network) they will record on any and all channels that show them.

My TV adds new sub-channels on it’s own, nice “feature”.

Got a complimentary announcement from MeTV

Thanks for all the info and updates