I just heard an announcement:

Starting October 1st MeTV will no long be available here.

This is a sad, sad day. :cry:

MeTV to be replaced by Justice Network

That’s super flubbed up, already have CourtTV I don’t bother watcing :sob:

I’ve had MeTV since the beginning of multiplexing digital TV channels.:sob:

Where is here?

Tomorrow will make 14 days before the Flintstones comes to METV. For all of you that have a Tablo, that means you can set it up to record.

Write to MeTV to find another channel. A group of us did so in the Atlanta area. Last year MeTV had moved to a hard-to-get station outside the city limits. Most of us couldn’t get MeTV any longer. We started a writing campaign to petition MeTV. They heard us and a few months later negotiated to run on an easier-to-get station. The VP of MeTV programming replied to us personally.


The Flintstones aren’t anywhere as important as my Larry, Moe, and Curly fix.


Yes, I have a small stash of 3 Stooges, I’ll archive them as they’re timeless.

Just started recalling Baranby Jones, in part I like how the police & detective show from the 60s and 70s overly simplified things… and watching the background, the cars! The manual camera handling motions pan and zoom. It’s a cross between silly and art.

Is Barnaby Jones available somewhere? Adam 12, CHiPS, EMERGENCY!, DRAGNET, Ironside, Code Red are among my favorites

I have both METV and Justice Network. I watch more METV than any other OTA station.

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The exploits of milk-swilling, geriatric private eye Barnaby Jones (Buddy Ebsen).

It just started a couple weeks ago. Absolutely need DVR, it’s 4am eastern(!)

Another station has . They basically binge/play entire seasons… or shows day at a time, action-drama. But once you get a show from season 1 - current, takes time to watch them.

But, yes MeTV, outside the news is what I watch most often. Network sit-com or occasional evening drama. Catch a ComeTV classic SciFi movie. (Thunderbirds) Might catch a show on Bounce and theCW as well as some PBS. Several channels I don’t even bother programing in the TV and less in tablo.

Generally, theCW, I’m not in that demographic. Gritt, not a western fan. Escape, not sure what that’s suppose to be. Stadium, I think you have to be an extreme sports fanatic to find this entertaining. Never took the time to figure out what TBD was about. CourtTV seems as exciting as Weather Nation after awhile.

Do you get CozyTV? We enjoy some of the older programs on it.

I get MeTV from both 50 miles North and 50 miles South with equally strong signal strengths so hopefully that’s good insurance it will stay. And yes it would be a very sad day if it would go away. H&I was added to our lineup recently where they are playing a lot of Star Trek. I’m currently working on recording all of the original series, Next Gen and Voyager.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks for mentioning it. I searched and have it set to record.

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It might have to do with ownership of the station. TEGNA owns Justice Network and Quest, so they are both on all the TEGNA owned stations in addition to whatever other channels negotiate to get them,

Yes, they are the corp which purchased the Toledo station in Jan '19 and made the “management” decision to drop MeTV. I tried out their new channels, both Justice and Quest have 10+ year old programing - not classic.

Quest had watched some (I’d seen when I had subscription service) but after a few months you’ve gotten through the entire series. An occasional new (different) show, but now it seem I have no more use for it.

Justice doesn’t appeal to me, I see most of the programing highlighting gruesome crimes - but I haven’t watch much so maybe I don’t really know.

My METV is on FOX OWNED KTBC Austin, TX and TEGNA also has Circle after signing deal with Gray television. Just need to follow the money.

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As Moe once said to Curly: “Remind me to Moi-dah (murder) you in the morning, Oyster-brain!”