Manually Adding Channels


Some people aren’t aware of virtual channel numbers and other complexities of ATSC 1.0. Is that surprising? The point is that some version of this does not seem impractical, so it would be helpful for those of us who have high signal variability for some channels (or use something other than a single fixed antenna).


Which of the at least 3 different techniques, that seem to exist in this thread, works and satisfies your needs?


It actually wouldn’t have to be that complicated. The call sign should be enough information since Tablo is an internet connected device and it get’s most of it’s data from the internet. The only problem would be for a brand new channel not yet in their database.


I would bet channel information, such as names, reside with the guide provider. And what name is being entered?

The actual channel has to be tuned for not only PSIP data but what sub-frequencies are being used.

I have a channel named where the PSIP name is hd06. Multiple comet channels. Spanish stations where the PSIP data has two sub-channels with the same name,etc.


What about… I"m an end-user who wants to add a channel, I’ll the the developers, technicians and engineers decide what that entails.

Maybe a disclaimer: channel names aren’t necessarily tuner channels. I get it, many here do, most others may not, I tune to 46-1(digital) and it’s channel 36-1. In the future it may have yet another frequency.

Realistically, after 3yrs: suggestion for channel addition. Profit manager ask marketing to check analytical software to see how many users re-check channels. Speculation here, single digit percent at most. Would it be good a business model? These users already paid, would it increase sales? More call to help line due to mis-understanding over channels name/numbers. Bad business model.


Isn’t part of the issue that at some time tablo has to tune the real channel for the PSIP information and the actual frequencies used?

And you propably can’t download any guide data until that is accomplished.


Channel names and numbers can be duplicated but the FCC demands call signs be unique to each station. That’s why I would consider it the best choice for manual entry of a channel.

I plan to put up a second antenna and point it at the stations I can’t receive. No roter or rescans needed. Problem solved.


For those that don’t know, will show the REAL (what the signal is broadcast on) and the VIRTUAL Channel (what Tablo and TV displays to you), An example for Austin, TX Virtual channel 62 is broadcast on REAL channel 13, so it is VHF.