Manually Adding Channels


I agree this feature would be extremely useful.


It seems like the original request has been skewed a bit by some later responses. We could consider retaining the previous channel scan and just allowing folks to add any additional channels seen by Tablo in subsequent scans.

However, it sounds like some of you just want to be able to say, “Put 14-2 in my guide because I know it’s a local channel” even if your antenna doesn’t ‘see’ it consistently. If that’s your request, I would suggest checking out this blog post:

It’s also why we haven’t done the ‘add additional’ channels during a scan because we want the latest scan to be reflective of reality at the time of the scan.


I do like the idea of retaining previous channel scans… as new channels are added in my area, when I do a rescan to pick them up, I now have to configure all my previous channels, omit “Tablo suggested” channels, and then add in the new channels.

Typically, before a rescan, I make a list of all the channels I’m currently using so as to not overlook them. Retaining my current channel selection would sure make recans easier to do.


Please add a “manual add channel” feature.

I live in San Jose, CA (population 1 million). In order to get NBC and watch the Olympics, we all have to point our antenna’s at San Francisco which is the foggiest city on planet. Since water absorbs the TV signal, in the morning I have crappy reception and in the evening it is fine. Its a pain to have to rescan at the right times just to get the stations I want.

I understand why you may want to limit customers to stations that only have clear signal for the best experience, but its just not the nature of OTA. Perhaps make this an “advanced” mode but major cities all have to deal with some level of flaky reception. We understand what we are getting into and don’t enjoy fighting against the UI which prevents this.


That sounds like a reasonable compromise which is likely to satisfy most of us.


I agree. In my case I live in a rural OTA Fringe area where I use an outdoor antenna with a rotor. I pick up only a few signals all from different directions, and do not want o re-scan every time I rotate the antenna to watch a different channel. The question is being how this seems to be an old post: Has this feature been added. Please reply. If it has I will buy a Tablo imediately. Thanks


Yes, this thread is 20 months old now, however, the previous comment is from only 5 weeks ago. The last firmware update (version 2.2.10) was in May. Hopefully this feature will be included in the next update, whenever that might arrive, but I’d recommend holding off for now, unless perhaps NewEgg or Amazon has a sale on the two-tuner model before then.


I would love this feature. I live right by an NBC affiliate but for whatever reason the Tablo isn’t picking it up at all…


What’s your zip code? Look at and look under real. If it is between 2-13 a VHF antenna might help.


and here we are almost a year and a half later, 6 firmware releases later, and still not an option


It sounds like a reasonable request to most people. So why don’t you add this ability? I’ve had an attic antenna with a rotor for years. It should be the customers choice of whether or not something is inconvenient.


Adding my voice to this request. Manually adding channels is a big feature missing from Tablo.


Please add my vote to manual channel add.


Plus one


This is a “MUST HAVE” option.


Yup…manual channel add


Which manual channel add is a “MUST HAVE”? There seems to be at least two different kinds in this thread.

You re-scan and only add new ones? Leave the rest as is.

Or, I know the channel number so I just want to add via channel number. Even if the channel is not even tunable.

Or I’m super knowledgeable and I want to re-scan only the single channel I know about.


This one, cuz I want to move the antennae around to see where it needs to be to receive that channel.
TV’s have it set up that way.


If the TV has never ever tuned the specific channel, or any other channels, where would the tuner obtain various channel information?

Most people know the virtual channel numbers, 17-1 or 47-1, but not the real channel number which would have to be supplied. They would also have to supply all the various information about the frequencies used within the real channel.


Good point.
Hate it when you make sense.
Just realized the equivalent of manually adding a channel on a TV is to perform the following:
Settings -> Edit Channel Lineup -> -> <Click on ‘Add to Guide’ button>
I’m good now.