Manual recordings no longer happening as sheduled

I just noticed none of my scheduled manual recordings are happening since the firmware update 2.2.2.
They still appear on the “Scheduled” section but I have no recordings!

I just created a test recording and it seems to have started. This probably means I have to resave all of my other scheduled recordings for them to work reliably.

Same thing happened to me yesterday, I will erase and reschedule.

I’m editing the duration times to add a a minute and resaving. Hopefully that will be enough instead of recreating the entries from scratch.

Same problem for me. Please post if adding the minute or erasing and redoing helps the problem.

I altered the time to start before I left the house. It seems to work.

Same result here. Not a single recording happened since deploying 2.2.2 update.

More than a little frustrated with the update process: you never know what will break and you have no way to revert to a previous version.

Edit: I am now going through and resaving an upcoming event to see if that addresses the issue.

UPDATE: Resaving scheduled manual recordings DOES fix this issue, BUT another issue happened for me: I had approx 70 manual recordings scheduled. In editing them just to resave, two of them inherited the data of an adjacent item in the schedule, creating a duplicate and losing the original data of the scheduled item. Yes, very odd, but the tablo is now recording the remaining items as it should be now. No, I did not have any duplicates in the schedule prior to this.

I upgraded to 2.2.2 on Friday and weekend recordings did not happen. I added a test recording and it worked, and have now added to the duration of all scheduled recordings as recommended here. HOWEVER, with my Roku App on the TV, the new 2.2.2 offers to show “Scheduled” shows on the TV, which was only available before on my I-Pad. If I go to “Scheduled” on the TV it reports that nothing is scheduled, not even a newly created Test Show to say nothing of all the shows with added duration. Confidence level is low right now, but Tablo has come through in the past. Tom

Does anyone know if this bug affect the regular recording schedule?, I had nothing programmed in my schedule until tonight, so I would like to know if I should re-schedule all of my regular recordings?

I see all the repeating schedules manual recordings in the “scheduled” section. A “Just Once” test does not show once it has finished. I only use a Chrome browser on Windows 7 to do my scheduling.

I fired up the Chrome Browser on Win 7 and validated that the Scheduling I did on the i-pad did indeed Sync to the Tablo. I also added a test scheduled recording. That test recording DID NOT appear from the Roku App on the TV view of Scheduled recordings. When it was time to record, however, it did record.

I never use the Roku for looking at manual recordings. I just export them to my PC to view in Plex.

I just discovered the same problem. My first scheduled recording since the update was tonight. It did not record and there is nothing to indicate that the recording failed, and the channel is coming in strong and clear. It shows up on the schedule but did not record. This seems like a major bug to have slipped by the programmers. I’m glad I discovered this before more than one recording was missed. Also glad it didn’t happen a couple weeks later when all the fall shows start premiering. Since all my recordings are manually set, I could have missed a bunch of stuff!

I think it’s an outage. The app says that I’m not subscribed and when I go to and check my subscription status it just hangs.

I don’t subscribe. That’s why all my revordings are manually set. A subscription outage should not cause any of my recordings to fail.

I don’t have a subscription either and my manual recordings have not worked since the upgrade.

Think it’s time to suck it up and sell the box. I currently rely on the box to record ONE thing each day for me and that is the daily news and it hasn’t done that the past couple of days.

I re-saved all my manual recordings (After making a minimal change to the duration) and they seem to be working fine now. I’m sure just hitting the “done” button would have fixed it. Don’t give up too soon. It’s a great product.

Hey guys - Sorry about this. We’ll be looking at this today.

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I have this problem as well.

It would be nice if you guys would allow us to opt out of automatic firmware updates. I wasn’t planning on installing 2.2.2 b/c my Tablo had been working fine for the last several months.