LPW is Back on Christmas Day

It was almost surreal to wake up Christmas morning to be greeted with a string of LPW. After a couple of weeks of only occasional issues it was back with a vengeance. I am now back to ATV AirPlay. Although a quality signal, my wife put it in perspective - “I just want to watch ‘General Hospital’ without interruption and I want to control it all with a remote!” So Tablo… when the Christmas holidays are over let’s wrap up the ATV4 native app.

Calling @lkahhan :wink:

Hah! It’s still funny! :wink:

And it’s his wife too… :wink:

Yep, Ikahhan… it would be funny if I had not been dealing with the Roku/Tablo issues since firmware 2.2.2 hit the streets. It has been a long, long process and has been hard to stay loyal to the Tablo path. If it were not for the fact that it works on ATV (and other platforms), I would have been back on cable without a doubt. Wife is just used to turning on the cable or ATV and having it work first time… every time and expects the Tablo environment to be the same.

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Oooohhhhh… you misunderstood. CraigRoyce was just ragging on me because I too, had an issue with General Hospital (actually, using Tablo Ripper to pull episodes off the hard drive) and I’m not sure he believed me that the General Hospital episodes weren’t mine. It’s a long running gag.

I’m actually very sympathetic to your plight. Been there, done that, burned the t-shirt.

I feel like Ralphie in Christmas Story who got the other little boy into trouble for saying that word… :flushed:

Now that made me laugh out loud. Now that I know the backstory… all things GH crack me up. Wife goes nuts when it does not record or, worse yet, when “breaking news” comes along and interferes with the story line.

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Several days ago, we were watching a Christmas special we really wanted to see (and were also recording it) when a presidential address came on “to preempt regular programming.” You should have heard the cursing at my house!

For GH it makes HULU worth the price. I am not a techie so I guess I don’t get it. This morning I went around and unplugged the router, wifi, ROKU, and Tablo. That got things squared away for a little bit but now back on ATV. Wife’s issue is that she finds running iPad AirPlay to be an unacceptable means of watching TV.

Would you consider getting away from Roku and getting something like the Nexus Player which is a lot more stable with the Tablo? WalMart had it on the shelf for $49 and I got one Monday just in case.

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I second the Nexus Player suggestion. At the height of the Freeze/Reboot issues with Roku, which basically made it unwatchable, I bought one at Best Buy for $50. It made Tablo a real pleasure to watch, and the Tablo interface is much more refined and complete. As a bonus, other channels such as YouTube ran much faster. Additionally, it was far easier to play videos that I had stored on my NAS drive.

Nexus Player also has Chromecast functionality built in, which gives you additional capability. The downside is that not all Roku channels are available on the Nexus Player, so many of us leave both players in place for more complete coverage.


I would consider Nexus but just bought an ATV-4 and love it. I am counting on a native app on ATV that will work as flawlessly as AirPlay does now from my iPhone and iPad. If the Tablo development team doesn’t get a move on I may just do the Walmart Nexus deal.


I just bought a Roku 3 today to use on our bedroom TV. Its running the latest FW as well as the Tablo. Im also getting Loading, Please Wait messages like CRAZY to the point where its unwatchable.

This is really starting to frustrate me.

I want to eliminate cable and start using the Tablo for live TV but if the wife cannot watch her TV easily (read that as… with a remote and not having to open an iPad app or use screen sharing to watch on the TV) then its a deal breaker.

Please fix this asap or its going to have to go back (before I am out of the 30 day window).

So I am one of those converts who has been having a raft of issues and it is the Tablo/Roku combination that makes the experience way less than satisfactory. I would suggest, as was recommended to me, that you jump on Amazon and try to pick up a Nexus. I am holding out for a native app for Apple TV-4 but am within days of pulling the trigger. In the meantime, try a pull-the-plug reboot of your router, modem, Roku, and Tablo (in that order). It actually got the Tablo/Roku issue to a point where LPW is rare. If it picks back up again, I reboot all. Bottom line… I am an Apple fan and expect things to work smoothly right out of the box. This has not but there are Tablo pairings with other streaming devices that provide a pleasant experience.

You’ll have to look elsewhere (i.e. Not Amazon) to find a Nexus Player…as Amazon has banned them from their site in a fit of corporate childishness.
However, it is a really nice Tablo app player and is at least a couple of steps ahead of Roku in how well it works with Tablo (even when Roku is working at its best).
The Fire TV platform is also very good with Tablo, and can (not surprisingly) be bought from Amazon. I have both and prefer the UI on the Nexus Player (Android TV) over the Fire TV’s UI…but only by a small amount.

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I griped and complained until in a fit of rage/frustration stuck the Tablo right next to my router and BAM the stars aligned and things are perfect on three different Roku 3’s, two wired and one 5ghz wifi. Even played perfect on an old Roku 1 (2.4ghz only) I hooked up in the basement over Christmas. Now that one surprised me because I’m running the 1080-8 setting but it didn’t blink. So if you haven’t already, eliminate any network issues. A wired Tablo is the best I understand and using as short of an ethernet cable as possible.

Wireless sounds good, but in practice, it has a lot of problems. I live in the suburbs and can pick up at least 25 wireless signals, each of which has at least some potential to interfere with my wireless signal. Call me old fashioned, but nothing beats good old hard-wired ethernet for speed or dependability.

I have gone to extraordinary amounts of trouble to get wired ethernet to every device in my house that I possibly can. This includes my Tablo, three Roku 3’s and three Nexus Players (with ethernet adapters). Some of my ethernet runs are as long as 100 feet. With the 2.2.8 FW on the Tablo and the 9044 release on the Roku 3’s, the LPW issue has totally disappeared, even though I always recorded at 1080-8 resolution. I can’t remember the last time I rebooted a router, switch, Tablo or streaming device.

It seems to me that we should require that people are not allowed to complain about an issue unless they have first tied their equipment together with wired ethernet (even if they have to temporarily run the wires up and down hallways and staircases). I believe in my heart that many of the issues we are reading about in this forum are totally related to wireless connectivity and performance issues, something which varies from installation to installation, and something that Tablo has absolutely no control over.

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So here is the issue I have with a full-up wired operation - Tablo, as a company, pushes two technologies that make their device attractive - Roku and wireless streaming. If both of these have been found to provide less than a positive experience then the engineers need to work with the marketeers in order to develop a pitch that approaches what our real life experience will be. Your post has encouraged me to reshuffle my network devices.

I totally agree, the marketing folks at Tablo should alert people to the fact that the “best experience” will always depend on a robust network capability - whether wireless or not. For completely full disclosure, they should warn people to use a wired network connection whenever feasible.

So if a lot of people are having trouble wirelessly pushing HD resolution from their Tablo to their streaming device, what do you think it will be like when we all try to move to 4K resolution? I think it is going to be a complete cluster . . .