Low Signal Error Then Spontaneous Reboot

I am getting this more often now. I will tune into a live channel and wait for a few seconds. Then I get a low signal error. Shortly after, I lose connection to the Tablo and then the Tablo reboots itself. I am using an Apple TV mostly, but this also happened when I was using Chrome. Anyone else seeing this?

Yeah it’s happening to me… I bought the Tablo 4 Tuner model a month ago to use with my Apple TVs and iOS devices. I’ll randomly be watching a live channel and all of a sudden get kicked back to the guide. When I try to go back to the channel I’m told I have a weak signal, which isn’t the case. Then the Tablo will just reboot itself and I lose connection on all devices. Very annoying.

I’m in contact with support… Hopefully they can get this sorted out.

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You are wrong speaking for anyone else but yourself. From someone who has had a Tablo for 2 years (and an ex-Tivo user) which has worked as well as any DVR I’ve had over the past decade. Simply put - you are wrong.


Also a troll… see barrage of identical notes posted today from him/her.

Wow, posting your displeasure with the Tablo in 5 separate threads in an hour. That might be a record. Open a ticket with Tablo support and work with them to resolve your issues.
Good luck.

You will find other threads talking about this problem. Since many of the users originally reporting the problem were using Roku the standard response is that it’s a Roku OS problem. This was apparently followed by it’s a USB cable problem or a bad disk problem.

I just got a reply from support and the reply was indeed about hard drives and USB cables. I will give it a shot, but this drive and cable has been working fine for a long time on a different computer.

Since this problem with Live TV showed up in tablo 2.2.10 I’m sure it’s the USB and/or disk drive. I stopped using tablo for Live TV around two and half weeks ago. So instead of having 2-3 reboots a day I’ve had none. All without changing a USB cable or disk drive.

happened to me 3 times today and I also had trouble being able to bring up the webapp.

how can everybody’s USB or disk drive suddenly be going bad since 2.2.10? More and more people are posting about it and it’s happening more often for many of us. They had this problem with an earlier release but they don’t seem to want to investigate if it’s the same problem.

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I’m getting this issue too. Same as described in first post.

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Baron Ken and all:
Did this happen b4 2.2.10 update?

@jerryg1 I wouldn’t know, my Tablo is about a month old and was upgraded to 2.2.10 right out of the box.

Thanks. I’m still on 2.2.8. without issues. Think I’ll hang there for a while

I had the same issues on 2.2.10. I had tech support change my firmware back to 2.2.8 and not a single problem related to this issue. Same USB cable and drive. It was rare that I could watch a live show without an error. There is obviously an issue with 2.2.10 for some users.

Support got back to me pretty much saying the same thing… USB or hard drive. Highly dubious and disappointed that’s all they keep saying.

I’d ask for a firmware downgrade but I got the Tablo for my Apple TVs mostly - that would just defeat the purpose.

Interesting thread. Sounds suspiciouly like other threads reporting issues. Seems that the standard response from @TabloSupport is that it’s anything and everything but the device itself. That’s very sad to keep hearing.

Personally I’m with @zippy as I gave up trying to use my Tablo for anything more then just a DVR and extract content to my Plex server. I have had 3 instances where the device has gone unresponsive since I got it in February so no where near the amount others have been.

I still say there is something up here but of course is has to be the USB cable causing the device to reboot, duh… :confounded:

The bad USB/disk response ranks up there with the reboot the router response. In that problem solution no matter what brand of router you have or how reliable all other WAN/LAN connections are working, the user needs to solve their problem by first rebooting the router and immediately rebooting the tablo. Supposedly this solves some corrupt router routing table that no other device connections are experiencing.

All rebooting the router just resets/dissolves all virtual circuits and flushes all inflight messages. It’s kind of like saying that every time you have a problem with netflix/slingtv/amazon you need to reboot your router and then call netflix to have them reboot their media server.

Same response I had (saw and reported this during the beta). Odd that several people just happen to have their drives go bad at the same time as the firmware release. I am assured by support that there is no way the firmware could be causing this.

Had the issue here as well. A couple times during the beta on my own device and 2 or 3 times now on my parents Tablo after the 2.2.10 update.

Strangely, for both of these, the issue seems to have gone away on its own. No more issues on one for about 2 weeks now and the other well over 2 months.

For those that it happens often, my unsolicited .02 cents would be to follow @Teregon 's lead, have support roll you back to 2.2.8 and see if it goes away.