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For no reason that I can tell I am now having issues with recorded shows. No issue with live that I can tell.

I had my Tablo (4 Tuner) set up with a power ethernet when it started. After two or three days of it “Loading, Please Wait…”, I switched to wireless on the Tablo thinking my power ethernet was the issue. Again, no issue with live, but recorded shows intermittent with the above title.

I watch via Roku 3 which is connected to my router via ethernet, not wireless. I have a second Roku 3 that is wireless, however I have not used it during this recent issue.

I would also like to mention that my internet did go out today and a reset for the provider was done. My Roku wouldn’t connect to Tablo so I went into my laptop and it to would not connect to my Tablo. I then walked to the room that my Tablo is, reset the Tablo and it finally connected.

After that I launched a recorded show, and a minute into the show, Loading, Please Wait…

Router: NetGear WNDR3700
Tablo: 4 Tuner
Roku 3: two, one wireless on Ethernet


UPDATE 9/2: Live TV on the wireless Roku had the same issue. Reset the Tablo and re-connected the power ethernet to it.

@napercort Yikes - what kind of drive are you using? Send me the details in a ticket and we’ll take care of you. 

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Seagate SRD00F1 2TB…but now…it works fine.

I put the power ethernet back on and I should mention that I had to unplug the Tablo and then re-plug it in. That must have done the trick. 

After which, I watched live tv yesterday afternoon with no interruptions for about an hour on two channels. Watched recorded tv last night with my wife for about 3 hours and no interruptions either. FFW and REW was used as well.

Should I still place a ticket? I would hate for it to start doing this again, but if it isn’t broke how do you fix it…

Let me know how to proceed.

It’s probably a coincidence, but I had a “Loading” issue watching live TV this morning over Roku.  I backed out of the channel and went back in again, and it started re-playing a short segment right up until the point where I got the Loading screen on the Roku.  I “fixed” it by hopping through other channels so that all the tuners got used and then going back to the original channel.

I changed HDDs a short while ago - wonder if this might be related.  I’m now using a Seagate STDR2000101.

Ticket submitted, @TabloSupport

@Pundit Thanks!

I have had this issue as well and there is another thread in the Roku forums found here (http://community.tablotv.com/discussion/480/playback-buffering-on-recorded-events-very-frequently#latest) that talks about this sort of thing too.  It may be a coincidence or unrelated to the Tablo channel on Roku but worth checking out.

I must state though that I haven’t had any problems with Live TV, just recorded playback when using the Tablo channel on Roku.  If I use the Plex Tablo Channel on the same Roku unit I have no problems at all, at least not yet.  So if you have a Plex Media Server running on your network you may want to give that a shot and see if it helps.  My Roku’s are hard wired with Gigabit to the switch/router/Tablo (not that it matters since Roku is 10/100 only).  I know there are some exciting changes for Roku coming up and can’t wait to see what they are.

UPDATE: as of this note, since i did the unplug of the tablo and re-setup the power ethernet, I have not (knock on wood) had the loading issue repeate. Perhaps the recycle of power was what was needed? 

If my set up does this again I will submit a ticket and repost here.

@napercort Sorry - I didn’t get a notification (and apparently missed) your last response.

In any case, I’m glad that a power cycle has helped clear things up. If it crops up again, reference this forum post in your ticket and we’ll take it from there.

@TabloSupport Will do and no worries, you guys are busy putting together a great product and keeping it that way!

I feel like such a muppet…my “Loading…please wait” issues are once again due to signal issues.  For some reason my local ABC affiliate has gone from 5 green dots to 3 amber dots, and sometimes it drops out of the channel scan list entirely.  Le sigh.

I have a suggestion for a feature that will appease control freaks like me - a special virtual “channel” that displays a live signal strength meter for all of the channels that are currently tuned in.  You could turn the display of this virtual channel on or off in the Settings section.  It would be a useful tool to monitor signal strength without having to do a full rescan.

@Pundit, I have seen this same thing happen to me, in my case it was FOX on channel 11, which I know has great signal. It went from original 5 green dots to 3 as well. And if I do a channel scan it won’t show up, but even on my TV that has terrible reception gets it just fine. So I would agree with allowing some type of tuning that is not included in the channel list. I just wonder how hard of a feature this would be and if it is something that may never come :frowning:

But, I don’t want to lose the channel by wanting to add some other stupid channel in channel scan

So, because I was talking about it I decided to do a re-scan:

"No channels were detected. Please make sure your antenna is connected to the Tablo. You can try moving the antenna around to find the position that works best in your home."

It is connected and working fine. So I rebooted and reran and it found all the channels, some with different colors than before.

@TabloSupport is this a bug??

@Jestep It is a bug - just had a chat with our engineers on this. They’re aware, and are working away!

@TabloSupport thanks!

I just hooked up my 4 tuner last night.  I have 2 tvs hooked up, both roku3s, and both wired.  one is direct wired, one is using powerline adapters.  the one with the powerline adapter was showing the “loading, please wait” pretty often.  I changed that one to wireless and it seemed to fix it.  I don’t understand why the one with powerline adapter was having problems.  I’ve been streaming using the powerline adapters fine for about 2 months.  the adapters are tp-link 500mb.  the wifi seems to be working fine, but would rather use the powerline Ethernet. should I try to reset the tablo?  thanks

@brg88tx Power line adaptors don’t solve everything - depending on the wiring in your house, their effects can be limited.

You can test the actual speed your Roku is receiving back running the speed test channel on your Roku and comparing the results for wireless vs power line adaptors. 

I have the problem loading, please wait and it happen on local channel.

Signal strength is good (+20DB on my field strength meter), so it is not like the signal is weak.

my wife just can’t this unit anymore

Lately (seems since the last update) I have been getting the Loading… on just about every recording. I had a powerline that died so I connected via WiFi. Since then I have the powerline set back up. Still getting the Loading… screen.

If a bug, please fix. I am so tired of seeing it. Very frustrated.

On a related topic…how do I know that I am via Ethernet now? As I stated, I was using WiFi but have since set up my Powerline for Ethernet service, but I don’t know how to tell if it is still WiFi. Does it automatically switch?

When you plug in via the ethernet jack it is no longer using wifi