Live TV stops playing at same time recording ends

I can’t seem to repeat this behavior. I’ll keep an eye out for this and see if it happens again.

I have the same issue but with Amazon Fire TV, If I am watching a tv program while recording that same program, and it ends and goes to the next program after 5 minutes the live tv will stop playing and i have to back out to the guide and and select the channel again to get my live tv feed back, very frustrating and seems to be a bug in the software. Please fix this as I love the product otherwise.

Last night this did not happen to my wife. She was watching this is us on NBC while it was recording.

I was upstairs watching something else and she did not have this happen.

It might be time to open a ticket and see if the Tablo team can schedule a remote session to check the logs from one of us reporting the behavior.

If I experience it again, I’ll open a ticket unless someone else wants to do it first. I would mention the show, the time show starts and when it ended so the support team has as much info as possible.

I’ll see what is recording tonight and see if the behavior presents. I can tell you, I did not experience this watching a channel that was not recording on the Tablo.

This is happening on all of our Roku’s also. We have a 4 tuner and only finish recording 1 or 2 shows when it kicks us back to the guide.

The Tablo also kicks the Plex Roku app out of livestream when a recoding ends.

We have a dual Tablo for a few months. I am just now getting familiar with this forum because of a couple of issues. The worst is the Tablo freezing after a few fast forwards (skipping commercials).
Mine always stops live tv if the channel is recording. Example: we record the evening news every day in case we miss it, or are late. But normally we put it on live. 5 minutes after the show is over Tablo stops. This is annoying because we miss some of the mext live show by the time we can restart.
Is Tablo saying this is normal behavior? (I hope not).

This is the normal behavior if you’re watching the recording. This will not happen if you watch live TV.

It is, because you selected the show in the grid guide. So when the show is over, the Tablo stops playing. If you want to watch the channel, not just that specific show, select the channel on the left side of the grid guide and press play.

Actually, it works like this, for example…

On channel 5-1, recording starts at 9AM, and ends at 10AM, and no recording on that channel just ended at 9AM.
If you start watching channel 5-1 (Live TV) before 9AM, then you can continue to watch that channel past 10AM, when the recording ends.
If you start watching channel 5-1 (Live TV) between 9AM, and 10AM, then the Live TV stream will end at 10AM.

I am having the same issues as above with 4 Tuner Tablo and Roku 4.

I feel that whether or not I am recording a show on the same channel as I am wanting to stream all night, when I click on the channel number to the left of the grid (not the show in the grid) the Tablo should be able to stream that channel all night long without interruptions unless there are 4 recordings that are scheduled. The folks at Tablo should be able to recreate this scenario in their lab very easily. Tablo, can this be fixed or not? If yes, what is the ETA before the next update?

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This happens on my android tv. If I watch something from the epg that also happens to be recording and the recording ends then the channel stops.

When you are clicking in the guide to begin playback are you clicking on the channel itself on the far left or on the specific show? If you are clicking on the specific show this is expected behavior.

I start it from the channel not the show.

Shouldn’t matter, we have tried it both ways and when we cut from a recorded/live show to live news it infuriates us that we lose the connection. This should be seamless and we should be able to continue watching. Can we get confirmation that this is the expected behavior going forward from Tablo?

Whether you hit play from the channel # or the airing on the grid shouldn’t play into your results here.

With the current implementation, there are basically 2 common cases that will result in you being moved back to the Live TV screen:

  • If you’re recording the show at the same time, and watching it from the live TV screen
  • If your tuner is required for another recording/live show

It does actually.
If a tuner is free, and you start watching a channel by selecting the channel and not the grid event, and that channel is not currently being recorded, you’ll continue to be able to watch that channel even when the recording ends.
The key is to start watching the channel before a recording begins on that channel.

We’re in agreement; the variable here being whether a recording is going to take place on that channel or not.

Assuming there is no recording taking place and it’s just live TV - selecting the channel # vs the airing in the grid won’t produce different results.

That’s why the two most common reasons are noted above.

Not adding much value, but just adding I experienced this too last week on my 4 tuner Tablo and Roku 4.

I have almost the same setup (Roku Ultra and 4 channel TabloTV) you have and I have this same issue. I select a channel from the left hand side channel list in the guide (not the actual listed programs in the guide), and start watching this channel (because it is a favorite channel of mine). I am not recording any other shows during this time (usually during the day from about 8 am to 4 pm) but somewhere along about noonish most days, the tablotv just drops back to the guide (and I usually notice this because I am watching a particular program at the time). So I am interested in what the solution might be as well. Quite annoying.