Live TV quick question

Hello, I am considering buying a Tablo. I watched a Youtube demo and it appears to me that if you’re watching live TV, say your on your local ABC channel, when the program ends, it stops. Then you have to go back to the guide, choose the next show and play. The way the guy was describing it was that you can’t just watch a channel continuously, say you’re going to watch three shows in a row that you have to manually start each one. Is this the case or did I/he get that wrong? I’m hoping so because often we watch the same channel for hours and I would hate to have to go and select each show.

Oh, one more question. If you go to view a program that is recording and say it’s half way through, can you start watching it from the beginning?

Thanks all, I’ll start diving into these posts but want to get this thing ordered if it will suit our purpose and I can give Directv the finger! :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s an example of how it works:

Great thanks, so if I am watching live TV with no recordings, and a program starts at say 5.00pm and ends at 6.00pm. At 6.00 pm will it continue with the programming starting at 6.00pm just as normal live TV?


Our record is 14 hours. :slight_smile:

Awesome. I went back and re-watched the video and I think I mis-understood what the guy said. He said that when you change from one channel to another, you have to go back to the guide. No more just punching in the channel numbers. I thought that would be strange to have to select each individual show as you want to watch them.

Thanks for the quick anwers!


I think the linked thread says it as well but just to clarify, basically if you click on the individual show to start live viewing it will stop playback after that individual show has ended. If you click on the channel itself to start live viewing it will continue regardless of when individual shows end.