Live TV starts at beginning of show every time when using Chromecast

Subject pretty much says it all. I can watch live TV fine on my android device using the Tablo app, but as soon as I send it to Chromecast, the “live” show starts at the beginning and every time I try to fast forward to get current, it restarts from the beginning again. Very frustrating and completely defeats the purpose of why I bought the Tablo in the first place. I got it yesterday and am ready to return it already.

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The Chromecast right now is the weakest device to use with the Tablo. However, the next big software release for the Tablo is supposed to really improve Chromecast and Android performance.

If you can use something other than the Chromecast for watching content on your TV for now, then maybe you can wait till the next release. But if you absolutely need to use the Chromecast, then I would just return the Tablo and find something else (though nothing else will use Chromecast either).

Thanks. I have a Roku on its way and the reviews of that are pretty decent for watching OTA broadcasts so I’m going to wait to see how that performs on my “main” TV. I will need to use the Chromecast for my second one though. I’m thinking about splitting the signal from the antenna to go directly to my TV and the Tablo at the same time. If the DVR feature works well, this should solve my issue.

the next big software release for the Tablo is supposed to really improve Chromecast and Android performance.

Do you have a source or more information about that? Like, what should be expected, and when?

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This is from a post made in May. Since the beta testers are working again, I am hoping that they are testing this update now. But I am not in the beta test group, so I am not sure.

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@snowcat - This Android update is starting almost the ground up so it is in the works, but not ready yet.

I’m still using 2.2.8 with Nexus Player and it’s been a very good experience. What improvements might I expect with the latest anticipated update?

@JerryG - What we’re building is a different technical approach than what we have today for Android. It’ll give us more control over the nuts & bolts of how things work which will result in a better experience overall in the long run.

Glad to hear the current versions are working well for you though!

Do you have a release date for this major update, or at least a rough estimate? Is it a matter of days, weeks, months or year? The Chromecast functionality was one of the main reason why I’ve bought a Tablo and I would really like to know how much time I’ll have to wait for this to work properly. It would help me to choose if I should buy something more (a Roku maybe?) to watch live TV or wait for the release to be available.

This is still a problem with 2.2.12. I hope the restart when casting issue is still high on the bug list.

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Tablo is not going to be an option for all those buying TVs with integrated Chromecast unless this issue gets addressed.

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I have a smart TV, but I just use a Roku with it. No one has to use the built in apps on a TV.

No but they say it works with Chromecast and they also advertise it works with WebOs 3.0. But it doesn’t and its been almost 30 days now…I am starting to lose hope and patience.

Can I get a downgrade…my box is almost 30 days old and havent been able to use it!

Will your Android rebuild allow Amazon Kindle/Fire devices to work? It’s so frustrating to have the ability to see the interface but never to play any videos.

sorry, I should clarify that this is using the web interface, since there is no Tablo app for Kindle or Fire.

I’m using Amazon Fire. No sweat…

On Silk or some other browser? Mine said it was not supported.

Thanks, JerryG, I looked into it some more after your comment. It turns out that my older Kindle Fire doesn’t work at all, but my friend’s newer Fire works with Tablo just fine. So that’s really not a Tablo problem, as I believed it was. At $50, I’ll probably get a newer one soon.

I used Chromecast fairly successfully for a year with the “HD 720p - 5 Mbps (recommended)” setting. However for live shows I prefer my antennas, so I don’t use “Tablo Live”.

Now that I have Chromecast Ultras, I use the “HD 1080 - 10 Mbps, 720@60fps” setting with no problems at all, but again just for recordings.