Live TV no longer rewinding


I am having the exact same problem with my Roku Premiere+ 4630X with version 8.0.1, build 4090-29. I am also on Tablo version 2.2.18 on a 2-tuner Tablo.

I do NOT have this issue on my Roku TV 7201x it is on Software 8.0.0 build 4183.38. I have tested this with both devices on the same program at approximately the same time.

I don’t know when this started, but I did notice it right after I started the Tablo app, and it had to reconnect with the Tablo. So, I am assuming that was a tablo firmware update that triggered the reconnect???

Just for clarification, this only happens when trying to rewind a Live TV recording (i.e., watching a show on live tv, while it is being recorded, or just the Live TV buffer). ‘Play’ or ‘OK’ has the same effect. If I select the show from the recordings menu and watch it, I can rewind, fffwd, etc., and pushing either Play or OK will play from the point selected.


I agree with everyone here. I have a Roku Streaming Stick 3800 (not sure Build number not at home to check, but should be the latest) Tablo 4 tuner on 2.2.18 and Tablo app on 2.5. Also cannot rewind live TV. Recorded TV rewinds, but did have issue with resume recorded that would not rewind once, haven’t checked again.


I am seeing this problem as well, Roku 4630X ver 8.01 Build 4090-29. I just started noticing this in the past week or so. I see both issues. I can’t rewind a recorded episode that I started from “resume”, and I can’t rewind live TV. I have seen this issue on two of my Rokus. It shows the rewind on the progress bar, but when I push play, it just jumps right back to the current time.


Same issue on 4-tuner. Can’t rewind live TV. Progress bar shows it is going back to 00 or some other point, but it always returns to live when pressing play or OK. Firmware 2.2.20 on Roku 3900x, 8.1 build 4.90.

Also totally lost all use of the player on Firefox (just sits with circling arrow), but works on Chrome.


Same issue here. Roku ultra 4660x2 software version 8.0.1 build 4090. Any update on this Tablo team?


Seems like I’m one of the few people not having this issue. My Roku is 8.1 build 4091 which seems to be the difference. Because of that this almost seems like a Roku thing not a Tablo thing.


The people with the problem appear to have a different Roku OS version than you, v8.0.1 build 4090.


That’s what I was getting at. We seem to be on the same Roku Tablo channel version, Tablo firmware version, etc. The difference is the Roku OS version. I was just pointing it out to say this might not be the fault of Tablo.


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Been there. My problem is I don’t drink coffee. :slight_smile:

Given I don’t have the issue this sure looks like a Roku issue.


CrV4[quote=“salaz004, post:26, topic:15051, full:true”]
Same issue here. Roku ultra 4660x2 software version 8.0.1 build 4090. Any update on this Tablo team?

Nilex - Are you certain your Roku Ultra is running software version Roku 8.1 build 4091? Roku support has told me that 8.0.1 build 4090-46 is the latest version for the 4660x. 8.0.1 is abbreviated as 8.1 and build may be rounded to 4091 on the Tablo screens. There is a slight difference displayed when viewing the Roku system screens vs the Tablo system screens.

Checking my Rokus:
No rewind on live Tv on Roku Ultra build 4090, Roku software 8.0.1 build 4090-46, Roku Tablo channel 2.5 build 0.

Rewind works on live Tv on my Roku 3 4200x, Roku software version 8.0.0 build 4184-04, Roku Tablo channel 2.5 build 0

Tablo Firmware 2.2.18


Any chance a resolution is forthcoming on this, even if it’s a rollback to the old Roku app? Any way to manually go back to the old app? For my primary purpose, this is making my recently purchased Tablo unusable.


The best way to resolve this ASAP is to contact Roku and request that your device be given a different version of the Roku 8.1 firmware.

Build 4091 seems to be unaffected.
Ditto with 4096 but this build may be for devs only as this was the early beta we were provided internally by Roku.

The problematic build seems to be 4090.


“Priya” at Roku says –

Since its a know in their end, they need to fix it, the channels are developed by them, we are not controlling the contents. Please do check with Tablo TV once again to resolve the issue.



That’s from system info on my Roku. So it actually looks like I may have received an update since I last posted about this which indeed looks to be the case as my up-time is only 2 days so it must have pushed down an update a couple of days ago.

I don’t doubt the info you received from Roku support. I can’t say much but I am a tester for Roku so in this situation looks like they are pushing me non-public builds that haven’t been officially released yet.

I just took the time to test with this build I have now. I tested watching live TV for about 30 seconds, then I rewound back to the beginning of the timeline (30 seconds prior when I started watching that channel live) and played it and it played correctly from the point I rewound to. I did all of this twice, once using the left arrow and the OK buttons and then again using the rewind and play buttons and did NOT encounter the issue.

Just for the sake of clarity I wanted to let others know I appear to be running a newer Roku OS build then most of them and am NOT encountering the issue so given that all the other factors seem to be the same (Tablo firmware version, Tablo Roku channel version, etc.) that this specific issue (unless I’m testing wrong) appears be a problem on the Roku side not the Tablo side and it appears newer Roku OS builds resolve it.




I have had the same issue with my Tablo app on Premiere+ for the past few weeks. I try to rewind a live tv show & is jumps to live. I have rebooted my Tablo and my Roku without effect. Very frustrating.


It’s been over a week now. Roku is the top device use by Tablo users, right? And live TV rewind is a big reason for buying a DVR device, right? Any progress on a resolution?




EXCEPT, Roku support does not seem to have any idea. According to them 4090 is the latest build.
How can we get updated to another build? Roku doesn’t seem interested in pushing another build that only affects 1 (out of thousands) channel.