Live TV no longer rewinding

I appear to be having a new issue (may be related to Roku 2.5.0 update). Now when I try to rewind live TV it always jumps immediately back to live TV when I press play.

It doesnt appear to be a duration of live TV issue, as it doesnt matter if I have been watching it for 10 seconds or 10 minutes.

I have rebooted both the Tablo and Roku.

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What model Roku, and version of Roku OS?

Roku Model: 4640x - Roku ultra
Roku Software version: 801 build 4090-29
Tablo App version: 2.5

Oh, crud, I have a Roku Ultra I haven’t set up yet.

As a workaround for now, try disabling your Tablo’s ‘fast Live TV startup’ if you haven’t already.

I turned off “fast live TV startup” and restarted the Roku.

It now seems to work once, then it stops working the second time you try to rewind (ie shows it is rewinding, pressing play goes to live tv).

Oh and now the live stream takes longer to start :slight_smile:

Just for grins, can you try pressing the OK button, instead of Play?
Does it make a difference?

Ok button seems to have the same function as the play/pause (jump to live tv).

Just for reference, I used the Tablo app on my LG OLED65C7P (same TV hooked up to roku) and the rewind and play work fine. So it seems like an issue related to Roku or the Tablo app on Roku.

Hrm… That’s very odd. I’m not able to reproduce this here.

What firmware version are you using?

What Tablo version do you have? (2-Tuner, 4-Tuner? DUAL? DUAL LITE?)

What kind of storage are you using? How full is it?

I just updated to beta 2.2.19 to correct the issue with recorded episodes not being shown as available to watch (shows 4 episodes recorded, only has 2 available to watch). This update fixed that issue but not rewind.

I have a 4 tuner.

Using a WD Elements 2 TB external HD for storage. It has 815GB used and 1.15TB left.

Not having this issue on a 4660x Ultra running Roku 8.1 build 4091. Both OK and Play buttons work normally for me when rewinding in that they start at the time of where I rewound to, not the current live time.

I have Roku 3’s. No problem with 2.5.0 with regards to rewinding on Live TV here on 2-tuner refurb. Roku 8.0.0 build 4184-04

Having the same rewind issue. Have Roku Ultra, latest firmware on 4 tuner Tablo and over half of hard drive storage remains. Thank you.

Which Roku firmware version are you using?

8.0.1. Appears to be the latest. Thanks.

@Bryanf - What build number? 801 409?-??

4090-29. Thanks

Having same issue with rewind on Live TV.

Roku Ultra 4660x
Channel Version 2.5.0
Roku Software Version 8.1 Build 4090-46

Tablo 2.2.19
WD Elements 25A2 1019 2 TB with 1.77TB Remaining

Mark from Tablo Support upgraded me yesterday to 2.2.19 because of the missing recordings issue. I can attest the rewind issue was present on both .18 and .19 firmware.

(Edited to reflect complete Roku Software Version)

Interesting. The only difference between your configuration and mine is I have a 1TB Elements drive not a 2TB and my Roku is 8.1 build 4091 not 4090 and I’m NOT encountering the issue.

From what we’ve gathered from this thread, and via our support team, it seems like only ONE of the several versions of Roku’s firmware seems to be problematic (build 4090).

@Nilex - that’s the one difference based on your previous report.