Live TV doesn't resume after recording ends

New to Forum. Currently running Tablo Lite (2 tuner) with 1TG hard drive, Preview 1.7.2 with Fire TV (box, not the Stick). Now when a recording ends, the Tablo shuts down. This never happened before but I don’t know what previous software version(s) I was using or when it may have updated for that matter. It appears by reading other posts that this is a known software issue. However, I can’t be sure of this. Are other of you experiencing the same issue? If it is a known software issue, it would speak highly of Tablo if they acknowledged the issue ending needless wondering on our part what might be wrong now (ie. new signal issue, setting change, new recording conflict, etc) and, better yet, an approximate fix date. I dare say if this is indeed a software issue, someone better test the next release first!

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